Friday, October 26, 2012

fridays letters & thursdays pictures

Dear Friday, this summer you have been so tricky.  While everyone else is celebrating the start of their weekend, I know that we have one more day until Steve is home to be with us.  Oh well I still love you (just maybe a little less).  Dear Tutka, although I love you very much, this week you have been wearing my patience thin with your daily "bad doggy" moment.  Luckily you are making it up to me by laying on my feet and keeping them warm as I type this.  Dear cough, why did you have to visit Riggs and make him feel so bad?  It just hurts my heart to see my baby feel so bad and struggle through coughing fit after coughing fit.  Thank goodness for our amazing Dr. Amy for squeezing us in and making up an amazing tincture for poor little Riggs.

Dear cold weather (5 degrees, whaaa?), I really wish you could warm up, just a tad (maybe 20 degrees!  Would that be so bad?) and maybe even snow a little, so that things start to look a little more wintery outside.  Dear Kathie Lee & Hoda, you guys are my favorite and I love watching you every morning during Riggs' nap.  Dear Self,  it probably wasn't the best idea to take a running leap onto the very frosty porch in sandals this morning.  My toe, toenail, and foot are now throbbing like crazy and pretty painful to walk on.  No matter how fun it is to run around in the crunchy-frosty yard with the dog, maybe next time I'll remember to slow down and carefully step onto the porch.   

Dear God, thank you for my family and for giving me some of the sweetest nephews that there ever were. Noah came out to our house Thursday and we made quite the day of it.  Riggs was watching Noah's every move and thought he was very funny.  Noah even took time out of his busy schedule to take some pictures of me and Riggs (I think he looks pretty profesh behind that camera, don't you?).  There was also cookie baking, tower building, ball throwing, hot chocolate drinking, and cuddle/wrestle time on the cozy rug. 



  1. Ow!!! Your poor footsy!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! Noah just ran up to me about ten minutes ago too and said "Auntie gave me cookie dough!" in his little mischevious voice. hehe. Thanks again you are such a good auntie and momma!

  2. How many times have we told u to slow down? Hope you heal quickly. Love all the pictures and you!!

  3. I love the stories that your pictures tell!

    I'm a new follower via the link up and I'm excited to get to know you! I've nominated you for the Liebster award! You can check it out here:

    I hope you'll stop by and say hi sometime!

    Life as Mrs. B