Friday, August 8, 2014

smiles, smashed fingers, and friday favorites

It's Friday. Thank God. I've had one of those weeks...lots of good and lots of hard. Well, really just one hard thing. Hard as in metal...a big metal truck door, smashing the ring finger on my right hand. Right in the Target parking lot, before a shopping trip that was supposed to be slow, leisurely and fun for mama. Instead, I slowly walked inside in a cloud of pain, got some ice from the Starbucks lady, and rushed through trying to get everything I actually needed in a hurry before heading home to take some ibuprofen. 

It's...interesting trying to dress my children or change their diapers with such a tender injury on my right hand. Any little bump or tap to the fingertip or especially the nail itself is excruciating and I don't want to injure it further so I'm trying to be really careful. It's been three days and even typing this is awkward. Sigh. At least time will pass and it will heal.

There was lots of good too, including Raina's first 'real' smiles. Her sweet little face just lights up my life. I even managed to get video of her smiling this morning. Also there was Riggs' newfound interest in breastfeeding his favorite animals. Steve and I were almost in tears two nights ago as he gave his lego dog milk, making sure to 'feed him on both sides'. Video, here - be prepared to laugh!

Here are some things I just had to share...

 | ONE | 
I just want to be there. right now. with a cozy sweater, a good book or a good friend to chat 
away the hours with. I can't wait to have a cabin somewhere to go retreat to on the weekends,
with big windows and a deck overlooking some pretty view and big trees all around.

| TWO |
Robert Redford. Meryl Streep. Out of Africa. I just love candid pictures like this of people 
I admire. Also, my father-in-law looks a lot like Mr. Redford when he shaves off his beard.
true story.

blankets out of old wool sweaters and sleeping beauties. I want to make a blanket/quilt like
this for Riggs' big boy bed along with sheet set I plan on making him. Now I just need to find
some cute sweaters to make it with. Also you can tell that's a real photo and not posed by the 
phone next to her head. Just like me when I sleep, although maybe I should change that...

| FOUR |
I want all the pretty, comfy, flowy clothes. That's all.

| FIVE |
these words are so true and yet so hard to actually live by.
I'm trying to get better at letting go gracefully, it's tricky.

Also. This hi.lar.i.ous. video. Yes it's another Let it Go video...but seriously so funny. I love impressions.

Read this post about independent play in babies and toddlers and stop feeling guilty about not playing with your baby/toddler every minute of the day.

My friend Hannah shared her birth story. Grab a box of kleenex and head over to read it on her blog, Joyful Life


  1. just found your cute blog !
    you have an adorable family

  2. That video of Riggs is adorable! I love hearing his little voice!
    I hope your finger gets better soon! Looks so painful! And I hope you can get in a leisurely shopping trip at Target soon!

  3. oh I liked that link about letting your kid play independently. Aria prefers to play while I'm near but not really joining in a lot of the time. I just figured I was wayyy too boring, but that made me feel better. And, I love the sweater blanket - that just looks like cozy perfection.

  4. Ouch! Not fun. Happy Friday :)

  5. I found your blog through Friday Favorites. I have only read a few post but so glad I found you! Excited to become a follower! Have a great day

  6. Hi - I'm so glad I found your blog. I love it! I hope your fingers are alright. You have a beautiful family!