Friday, August 15, 2014

f r i d a y !

Yay for Friday! I had a super busy week this week with my instagram sale and doctors appointments and post office visits with both kids (man, those lines are K I L L E R!). I'm so ready for a slow paced weekend. And it's the last weekend before the fair starts, so that's really really incredibly exciting. I'm dying for the fair, I want to go every day haha. 

Here's my favorites from this week!!

 | ONE |
sweet moments with my beautiful babies. I feel so lucky that I'm blessed to
be their mama. Raina got her first mail this week filled with cute things that
I can't believe she'll ever fit into (and they're only size 9m) while wearing the
most beautiful cardigan that my second mom/aunt Connie knit for her. ♥

| TWO |
I think I'm just going to be posting cozy cabin pictures every week, I can't help it!
Doesn't this just look like the best place to spend a weekend, or two or three?! I
love the bookshelf over the window and all the pillows, reminds me of my inlaws
home across the bay from Homer. Perfect for a rainy windy day like today. ♥ 

I've been watching Mad Men (which for the record should be called "cheating men")
and am so in love with the ultra-feminine clothes they wore! That full skirt and tights
just looks perfect for fall and is a modern adaptation of those lovely sixties styles. ♥

| FOUR |
Isn't this the truth? ♥


  1. haha -which for the record should be called "cheating men". yes yes it should be. That is a perfect outfit though, I love it! And, cozy cabins are my fave. I would be in heaven with a cabin with rustic charm a big fireplace and natural light.

  2. Aw, love those photos of your little Raina! So sweet. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  3. Yes, where can I get me a skirt like that? Very cute! I had a long stressful busy week too. Cheers to the weekend!

  4. I love that outfit! Aren't fall clothes the best?