Tuesday, August 26, 2014

currently {vol. 2}

thinking | about the fish that I should be filleting and packaging for the freezer while I blog instead. I'll do it later, I promise! Also about that kitchen up there. It's soooo cute! And I'm getting the kids a kitchen for Christmas, so I'm on the hunt!
listening to | Teri Gross' interview with Bryan Cranston, who won an Emmy award yesterday. Really interesting and funny...but when I hear his voice all I can picture in my head is Mr. White, ha. 
watching | Mad Men and I'm not sure what I think about that. It's so full of sad things and yet addicting to watch. I think my favorite thing is seeing what life was supposedly like 'back then'. Those women needed yoga pants and top knots soooo bad!
thankful for | that fish I mentioned earlier and how nice it will be to eat wild alaskan salmon all winter instead of just chicken and beef. Also for the gorgeous sunshine and the arrival of fall. Also for my gorgeous babies who fill my days with so much joy. And also (last also, haha, I promise!) for all the amazing pre-loved items I got in the mail yesterday (IG shops are amazing). 

But don't let these peaceful pictures fool you...babies be crazzzzyyy!!! 


  1. Raina is so precious smiling so big with her new stuff :) I just found the cutest remodeled Ikea kitchens on Pinterest. I think the kitchen is $100, the transformations are adorable!

  2. Raina's smile is so perfect! I'm a tad envious of your fall season. We don't have that down here!