Tuesday, January 28, 2014

spring in January

It's been above freezing for nearly two and a half weeks at our house. We had a ton of beautiful snow. Now it looks like early spring in Alaska...aka dead grass, dirty snow in the shady spots, and piles of gravel on all the sides of the roads. I've been enjoying the warmer temperature, especially now that all the snow-turned-to-ice has melted. But I think the chickens have been enjoying it the most.

They have been out in the yard from the first bit of light until it's completely dark each night, scratching around and even taking the first joyous dust bath of 'spring'. I feel a little bad for them because it's going to get cold again at some point, and probably snow (a lot). Poor girls are suffering under the same delusion that I am, that spring is just around the corner. Luckily it is nearly the end of January, February is the shortest month of the year, and then it will be March.

March in Alaska can mean warmer temps and 'break-up' (what we call early spring, when all the snow is melting and ice is 'breaking-up') or it can snow three feet in the last week just when we think it's spring and plunge us all into despair. Either way, it always seems to melt quick and be in the fifties by mid-April, and that's not too far away. But still, the poor chickens! I don't want to know what they'll think when they wake up to a foot of snow. 

Also, if you're really into my little flock you might notice that my two Buff Orpingtons are missing from these pictures (wiping away tears). Their lives ended about a month ago and it was very traumatic for pretty much just me. Riggs didn't really notice and Steve was happy to stop feeding the two piggiest chickens who were the weakest layers (one never even laid a single egg since we got her). I know it's for the best but I decided then and there that I am soooo not cut out to be a farmer. I cried nearly all day and the next whenever I looked out at the chickens. 


  1. Our buff orpington was a weak layer too, but she was the sweetest one we had. We named her Goldie. I so sympathize with you! My husband says farming is different because they aren't pets and you know that when you buy them, but everything becomes a pet to me! I name every animal we have and can't help but get attached and notice all their different personalities. Lol.

  2. First of all, Sorry about your chickens! That's sad :(
    Second, I live in Indiana and I find it mind-blowing that even Alaska is warmer than we are!! This winter has been so crazy! Can't wait for spring!

  3. It seems the whole U.S. is having the weirdest winter ever. It has been endless fog here, which is GORGEOUS, but I find that I'm not ready at ALL for spring. It's been that horrible in between weather that is hard to dress for because outside you're cold and inside you're (at least I am haha) BURNING. So sad about your little chickies :/ but at least you have more! Love you <3