Monday, January 6, 2014

January so far

For some reason I feel like it's been January forever. Like Christmas was soooo long ago. Maybe it's because of the weather change, or because I have just never really liked January, I don't know, but man it's dragging so far. Today I'm sad because Steve will be going back to work tomorrow after two heavenly weeks off. 

He was actually supposed to go back today, but Sunday morning at about 3am he got called out to fix outages north of here (near Talkeetna) and then worked 24 hours, getting home early this morning. So he had today off but slept nearly the whole time and now it's nearly tomorrow and soon he'll be back at work for good. Is it okay to have a little pity party? In some ways it will be nice to get back to Riggs' and I's 'normal' routine but it has been so nice to be together as a family every single day for two whole weeks. We sure will miss him!

We've been spending most of our time relaxing around the house, playing guitar, reading, eating yummy food and soaking up the time together. I have just loved seeing Riggs and Steve get to spend more time together, and to be honest I've loved having the help with Riggs. 

When we've felt like going out, we've mostly been hitting the gym together. It's been so nice to work out together while Riggs plays in the daycare center provided by the gym. I only wish I could make use of the steam room and sauna but that won't be possible for another 6 months or so. I admit, I do go into the steam room for about a minute, I just can't resist. But I'm always out before I even start to sweat, so I think baby is most definitely fine. 

On a totally random note, I finally got around to making some spaghetti squash and I am just so proud of myself. I'm not a big squash person, but Steve loves it and I love trying to find healthier options for our family when it comes to meals. So I finally stopped grumbling about trying new things and went out and bought some spaghetti squash.

Then it sat on my counter for about a week before I finally mustered up the motivation to actually cook it and make a meal out of it. And guess what? It was super easy and delicious! Even Riggs loved it! Yay!

So there you have it, a rambling little recap of my boring life so far in January. Haha. Stay tuned for some weekly pregnancy updates and whatever else happens to pop into my jumbled mind this week. Happy Monday!


  1. We love spaghetti squash, but I really think it's just the novelty of it not the taste. Lol. I am totally jealous of your gym. I would love to go work out every now and then, but I had a hard time finding ones with childcare in New Mexico. Maybe around our new place. . . Anyway, I can totally relate to getting back to your routine vs. having your husband around. I feel the same way! And I think he's going crazy with so much free time on his hands. Lol.

  2. I loved having my husband home for a few weeks too but it did feel nice to settle back into our routine. I love spaghetti squash and have one sitting on the counter ready to be cooked! January does seem to be dragging though, huh?