Tuesday, January 7, 2014

14 & 15 weeks

I'm a little behind on posting these, so I guess you'll be getting weekly update overload this week since I'll be posting my 16 week update Thursday or Friday. I'm trying not to go baby crazy on my blog but since it's mostly what's on my mind I can't help it! :)

Size of Baby: Lemon (3.4 inches, 1.5 oz)

Gender: Steve still thinks boy. I have no idea...hoping for healthy. And maybe there's a teeny bit of me that's hoping for girl. But I'll be excited either way!

Weight Gain: Still at pre-pregnancy weight right now.

Maternity Clothes: No, still fitting fine into my 'normal' clothes. I just noticed that my tiny bump is visible in tight tops this week, but it just looks like I'm thicker through the middle. I'm in that lovely awkward stage...

Nursery: Still just Riggs' room. I am starting to make plans for a baby setup in our room though. I cleared out a few drawers in my dresser for baby clothes and we'll use the top for a changing area. Also ordering a mini-crib mattress soon and Steve will be using the dimensions to make a cosleeper for next to our bed. 

Movement: Excited to be feeling tiny, fluttery little movements. I was feeling them one evening this week before bed and went to listen with my doppler and heard baby's heartbeat right when I was feeling the movement.

Symptoms: Feeling nearly 100% back to normal this week, hallelujah!! I don't know about you, but there's nothing like feeling horrible/sick for over a month to make you appreciate being healthy!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty normal again. Ever since I was pregnant with Riggs I've had problems waking up around 3 and not being able to go back to sleep. It's never really gone away because after he was born he'd often wake at that time to nurse. So now even when he sleeps through the night, I usually wake then and now that I'm pregnant I have to get up to pee. I'm trying really hard to not even peek at my phone because I find that the bright screen is often what keeps me from going back to sleep. Anyone else have this problem? Evil iPhone + no self control = tired mama haha.

Cravings: I hate sushi, but Steve loves it. So we've been going to Japanese/sushi restaurants quite a bit lately. At first I would grumble and complain, but now I'm completely hooked on the salad and soup they bring you before your main dish. I crave it like, all-the-time. I told Steve I just need to order a huge vat of the soup from them to have around the house, haha. 

Best Moment This Week: It was definitely feeling movement. There is just nothing like that feeling. To me the movement is the most exciting, special, magical part of pregnancy by far. I just can't wait to feel more!

Looking Forward To: Having another entire week with Steve off work and home with us.

Size of Baby: Navel Orange (4 inches, 2.5 oz)

Gender: Still have no idea. I am dying to find out though! I've been getting the itch to start buying things/going through Riggs' old clothes. Only about two or three more weeks!

Weight Gain: Up 2 pounds now. 

Maternity Clothes: Clothes are still fitting fine, but some pants aren't as comfortable if they dig into my bump. I mostly live in yoga-type clothes, so I've definitely been shopping around for more flowy, yoga-type tops. I've been working out nearly every day so it would be nice to have some more clothing options. Lately I've been loving the baby-doll cut bra-tops I've been seeing around. Target has some, as does Lululemon and Athleta. So cute!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Still feeling teeny little movements here and there. I can't wait for them to get stronger and ultimately to see them from the outside! I can't remember when I first started seeing them with Riggs, I think I was around 22-24 weeks?

Symptoms: Feeling great, but man, my skin has not been the best. I typically have perfectly clear skin, but this entire pregnancy I've just been broken out non-stop. And lately one side of my face has been completely clear and then the other side is covered in little blemishes. Pretty annoying but thank goodness for concealer! ;)

Cravings: Still craving that miso soup and yummy salad. Plus lots of veggies with ranch. I'm also craving ice cream  sooooo bad. I just want to eat it every single night. Maybe I need to buy stock in Haagen-Dazs ha. I'm pretty much loving all food since I didn't enjoy it for so long...I'm making up for lost time!

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach without having to prop myself up on pillows. I'm at the point where I'm switching positions throughout the night because none are that comfortable for very long. And I always wake up on my back!

Best Moment This Week: Those fluttery little movements are still so new and special. They bring a smile to my face every time I feel them, like at the gym when I was lifting weights in the weight room. And in some way it feels even more special because it's something only I can feel and notice, like a magical little secret between me and baby.

Looking Forward To: Getting the house back to normal this week after the holidays and Steve being off for two weeks. This place needs some serious purging, I feel like getting rid of everything! Anyway else bit by the New Years cleaning/organizing bug?


  1. Yay! This is so exciting! I remember those soft little flutters and how special it felt that it was just me and my baby. I'm going to go ahead and say that I think it's a boy. Just a hunch. I also started my own little blog, if you want to stop by! http://thebeeskneesfamily.blogspot.com/ :)

  2. You're so tiny! I was much more popped out at 14 weeks with my 2nd one! That is so funny about the 3AM thing, and yes a bright screen will keep me up too. I am OBSESSED with those tops. I saw them at Target for the first time at Target a few weeks ago and thought they were so cute. Well I can't wait to read more updates, nothing more exciting than pregnancy! :)

  3. Oh, I love those little flutters! So glad you're doing well!

  4. Come stay with us in Japan and eat all the Japanese food with me! :)