Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving crafting with Riggs

Riggs and I did an easy little Thanksgiving-themed craft today together and it was fun! I realize now looking at these pictures that we forgot the poor little turkeys feet! Maybe we'll add them tomorrow.

Riggs loves it when I trace his hands and feet, so I thought I'd trade his hands on colored paper and use them for feather on a pilgrim turkey! He colored on the papers as I was cutting out all the hands, and helped me glue some of the paper together. He also ran around a little bit and played with his car while I was cutting out the pieces for the turkey's body and face. I was actually surprised at how much fun I had working on such a simple little craft, haha.

Daddy was home from work early because of the cold (-20 when he left his work around 10am!) and took some pictures for us. And yes, in case you were wondering, I wore my pjs all day long. 

big smiles while I was tracing his chubby little hand

he was so excited to be able to use the glue stick

our turkey is finished! He waved it around and smiled and laughed and kissed it a few times before
throwing it on the floor and moving on to something else. True toddler behavior right there ;)

I hung it in his room and when I put him in his crib for his nap he laughed and pointed at it.
Glad it brought him a little bit of entertainment, and I had fun working on it with him!

Later we snuggled in together for some reading. It was truly a lovely day. I'm feeling a little bit of cabin fever from being cooped up in this cold. It never got warmer than -15 today, and that's just a bit too cold to take Riggs out in for more than 15 minutes. Just going out to do the chicken chores burned my throat and nose so bad! I hope it warms up soon so we can get back to our outdoor routine! How do you keep busy inside with a toddler when the weather just doesn't cooperate with outdoor playtime?


  1. -20?? That is just crazy!! I complain when we hit the 30's. Love the pictures too; your little guy is so cute!!
    {Found your blog from The Bloggers Digest}

  2. -20!!!! Where do you guys live? We got to -12 in Anchorage yesterday and I thought that was bad. I mean...it wasn't fun. But -20? No thanks.

  3. Haha yes, it's been pretty chilly! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello!! :)

  4. We live out in the Butte (outside Palmer near the Knik River) soo cold! When it got up to zero yesterday it felt like a heatwave haha! And now it's raining and 35, such weird weather!