Monday, November 18, 2013


Despite the cold temperatures, we had a wonderful weekend. Saturday Steve had to work, but Riggs and I went over to Sarah and David's to visit and to take some family pictures for them. Riggs and Lyla were so incredibly cute together, I just loved seeing them interacting so well!

Sunday daddy was home, but I was pretty sick so we stayed home from church and had a very lazy day. Steve was amazing and helped with Riggs most of the day, despite being sick himself. I felt miserable, but it warmed my heart and brought a (weak) smile to my face to look over and see the two of them snuggling it up.

It had 'warmed up' to about 10 above in the afternoon, so Steve took Riggs out for some skiing in the yard. I made sure to have some warm sugar cookies waiting for when they came inside. I made them in shapes to go along with one of Riggs' favorite books right now, The Tomten and the Fox. It's a beautiful, quiet story about what happens on the farm while we humans are fast asleep.

Riggs loved the cookie shapes, especially the little tiny 'Tomten's' I made just for him. He played with the fox and the little Tomten for a bit before eating them, so cute!

We woke up this morning to really cold temps. It was 15 below zero when I went out at 9am to feed the chickens. Brrrrrrr. I went right back inside to make them some warm oatmeal - I think they earned it for having to hang out in such cold temps all day and night! Those are some tough chickens!


  1. Aww! Little Riggy is just so cute. I love the cookies and that book looks like a classic! Sounds too cold up there right now- brrrr! <3

  2. Haha that would be crazy talented! No I actually had cookie cutters for them:) I just picked out the ones I had that matched the book best:)

  3. Well great matching- you had me fooled. ;)