Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It's Wednesday and I'm just now posting a recap of our weekend. So much going on! Plus I woke up this morning sooo very sick. Sore/raw throat and a horrible wracking cough that I feel all the way down in my chest. Yay Thanksgiving, lol.

We did have a fabulous weekend, filled with fun family (on both sides!) visits. Steve's dad and brother spent the weekend hanging out with us at our house, and Sunday we went to Anchorage to welcome my little sister home from college with a lovely lunch a my parents house.
bonfire yay!

Monday we went to Anchorage for new tires (worst way to spend money!) and shopping with my little sis. I nabbed some perfect leather boots at Nordstroms by Sam Edelman. I'm so excited to finally have a pair of neutral brown boots that I can wear both in winter and summer.

Tuesday Riggs and I did our normal Monday chores and ran a few errands. I got to wear my new boots and Riggs had so much fun getting to walk by himself at Target. I wasn't in any hurry and it wasn't nap time so we tried the whole walking thing out. It actually went really well! I just can't believe Riggs is old enough to be walking in the grocery store with me:(

For the last half of our shopping at Target, Riggs tugged this wicker basket behind him, and I let him fill it with a few things that he really wanted and we 'needed' anyway. Mostly Christmas candy (that was discounted using the cartwheel app) and a letter 'R' ornament. The funniest part was watching other shoppers reactions as I pushed the cart with Riggs trailing behind dragging his basket. So funny!

I hope everyone has a lovely (and safe!) Thanksgiving holiday filled with good food, family and laughter. And also, I hope every one is ready for Christmas taking over my blog space...I've been waiting soo patiently!


  1. Love the new boots Whitney! I hope you feel better quickly so you can enjoy the Thanksgiving meal. ♥

  2. Nice boots! I have such a hard time finding brown shoes that I like, these look great.

  3. Thanks Jessica! It seriously is so hard to find the perfect boots!