Thursday, September 5, 2013



"Live in each season as it passes;
breathe in the air, drink the drink,
taste the fruit, and resign yourself
to the influence of the earth."
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

For as long as I can remember, I feel like I've spent the majority of each season wishing for the next one. Spring comes and I just can't wait for summer. Summer's here and I find myself dreaming of fall. September hits and snowflakes dance through my mind to the beat of my favorite Christmas carols.

Ever since Riggs was born, I've really begun to realize how fast time passes. How each day is done in the blink of an eye no matter how long the moments might be. I can't get those days back, and it makes me sad. It makes me never want to wish my days away again, which, of course, is easier said than done. 

This year I feel like I'm finally learning to enjoy my days as they come. Summer passed as quickly as ever, but I feel like I really got out and enjoyed it, enjoyed the warmth and the seemingly endless hours of light and the frantic energy. Now I notice the little changes that are happening each day as I walk around my yard and down my road. The leaves turn, one by one. The mornings are getting colder - I could see my breath this morning when I first went out to feed the chickens. And it's dark now when I get in bed to go to sleep. 

The way the clouds have been rolling through the sky lets me know that fall is settling in, and that winter is coming. The cranes are back for a quick stop before continuing further south, and this week there was snow on Pioneer Peak.

But today isn't summer, fall, or winter, it's something in between, and I'm relishing in it.