Monday, September 16, 2013

Riggs goes to school

My oldest nephew started school recently [the first grade, where does the time go?!] and Riggs and I went to Anchorage to see how his first day of school went. He goes to a lovely little charter school in downtown Anchorage with a great emphasis on community where family members are nearly always welcome to come and visit. When he was in kindergarten last year, we visited quite a few times, but Riggs was just a baby.

This year, he was sooooo excited to be in a huge [to him] colorful building full of his favorite type of people ever: 'big' kids. Plus he got to see his cousins, who just might be his two favorite people ever, even over his mama, unless he's hurt or tired of course. I love seeing my child so happy to see my family, it just makes my heart swell! There's something so sweet about see him love on his grandma [my mommy!] too, and I'm glad I got some sweet pictures from the day.

Don't you miss school? I do! I was wishing I was in the first grade again as Corbin showed me around his classroom. I always loved school and was excited to learn and can't wait to see that same excitement in Riggs when he's school age!


  1. 1.Riggs is so cute. How do you keep a hat on his head? Ben would throw it off. Ha!
    2. This post makes me miss teaching.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Oh man about the hats, it's actually kind of a 'thing' for us. Ever since Riggs was born I have had a hat on him, nearly all the time. It's funny because people used to ask why he had a hat on and my mom and other family members were always trying to take it off. But he had NO hair for a very long time and being born in winter, and just living in Alaska in general, I always wanted to make sure he stayed warm enough. I think since he's always had one he just accepts it and doesn't even think of taking it off. Now that he's older he will take his hat off if he's too hot or if it's bothering him for some reason. But he always takes it off and brings it to me to put away.

      About teaching, I was half way through my masters of teaching when I had Riggs, so I never actually got to the point of having my own classroom. But I am still really passionate about it and just LOVE school and the classroom. I imagine I'd miss it a lot too! But luckily being home with Riggs is rewarding enough for me right now and so I'm content with where I am. Good thing our babies are so sweet and cute, right?! :)

  2. That hat - so so so cute! The excitement shows on all their little faces. The time does fly....let's just hit pause, shall we?