Monday, September 9, 2013


It was a rainy weekend with a few glimpses of sunshine here and there. Saturday we went swimming at the high-school pool and then spent the rest of day just lounging around at home (on our new couch!! more about that later).  Could my little swimmer be any cuter? I picked him up some goggles for $4 at Target (end of summer sale!) and he is obsessed with them. He wore them all around the house before we went funny.

Sunday we dropped Riggs off at my parents while we went out alone together to celebrate our anniversary. It was amazing to have hours and hours together to just hang out! We ate a ridiculous amount of food at Haru Sushi - we were soooo hungry when we got there and the crazy thing is, we ate every little bit of food you see in the pictures!

Then we went shopping together just to walk around and talk mostly. It was lovely:) When we were finally done looking around, we went over to Yogurt Lounge for some froyo for me and coffee for Steve from across the street. I went crazy and got two seperate cups, with pistachio and the little gummy things in one and vanilla with cookie dough, mini-reeses pieces, and whoppers in the other. SOOOO good. Then we were both ready to go pick up our Riggy. He had a blast with my parents, it's so much easier to leave him when I know he's spending time with people who love him nearly as much as I do! 

It was an amazing weekend of celebrating our little family and all the love we have for each other. I'm so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with a man who is so hard-working, responsible, and loving to both me and our son, and who is so good-looking on top of everything else ;) I'm a lucky girl!


  1. Yay sounds like a fun day and weekend! You made me crave good sushi so bad! And I love love love the picture at the end- you guys are so cute! But especially you lol <3 love you

  2. Ditto - the last pic of u too is great. I also love Riggy in his goggles!

    1. He was so funny with them! Wish we had caught it on video...

  3. He IS the cutest little swimmer!

    We're on the same lines of how to celebrate anniversaries! We did the same, out for sushi at our fave place, then out for a nice evening walk! Happy anni!


  4. You guys make such a cute family! Looks like you had a blast!