Friday, September 13, 2013

friday favorites

Thank goodness for Fridays! We are just lounging around, cuddling hard plastic animals with horns [really why do they put such pointy horns on a childs toy? hello, that could poke out an eye!] after an unusually early morning. Our weekend plans include more of the same, and maybe a few outdoor projects [permanent coop is at the top of my list. not sure it's at the top of Steve's list though...] if it stops raining. What are your weekend plans? Hopefully something relaxing and fun, like reading all about my favorite things from around the web this week.

I love the cottage decor of this house so much, especially the kitchen. I delight in all the details and am so inspired by how much little touches here and there make such a big difference in the feel of a room.

Have you ever heard of a 365 or 52 project? Basically the idea is to take a photo a day every day for a year, or every week. I've switched to posting my photos once a week, and I'm loving it. 

Chains are really popular this year in jewelry and these DIY hair-ties look easy and glam.

Moist carrot cake with a creamy butter-pecan-cream-cheese frosting from Ree at Pioneer Woman. I made this early in the week and it's long gone...

5 health benefits from getting outside...and it's from Oprah so you know it's legit people!

paparazzi are out of control. running over Nicole Kidman on a bike? really?

great list of boys shoes for fall. classic cammo Jack Purcell's? I'm still loving them!

and finally there may be another blogger in the house soon!

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  1. My son has some of those plastic toys, he walks around with them and since he still falls a lot it makes me a nervous reck! Why are those things so sharp!
    Thanks for linking up today!