Monday, March 5, 2012

two hats and some longies

{today I am linking up to one of my new favorite blogs, Frontier Dreams, as part of her Keep Calm, Craft On group.  
Be sure to head over and check everyone else's craft projects out!}

I'm making another Little Gnome Hat.  This time I'm going to adapt the pattern to use some lighter weight yarn to make a soft silky hat for around the house.  The colors are light and bright to remind us that spring is truly coming.  It's a little hard to believe right now with 121.8 inches of snow...but more on that later.

I'm also going to knit another little hat for Riggs in this lovely brown tweed, as he has quickly grown out of his other brown hat, which I crocheted for him to come home from the birth center in.  This will be a Foxy hat, designed by Liz at The Sitting Tree.  I simply love her stuff!  I splurged a bit and ordered two pairs of upcycled longies from her Etsy store, and cannot wait for them to arrive.

They are 6-12 month size, so will probably be too big.  Which is sad because I want him to be able to wear them right now, but for the price I wanted to get more wear out of them, thus the bigger size.  I am in the market for some more organic cotton/bamboo/hemp fitted diapers to go under his soakers/longies and am hoping for some opinions on brands.  Right now we are having problems with the one-size pockets because they are not breathing enough and his skin is so sensitive!  So you if you have a favorite brand or type of fitted, non-waterproof diapers, please share in the comment section!

I managed to get to the thrift store to pick up some wool sweaters for making a few pairs of my own longies and soakers for Riggs, and have them cute out and ready to sew up.  I need to get them done this week so that he can wear them on our trip to Seattle.  I am so excited to get out of this snowy town and have a vacation.  It will be so fun, and my little sister, Beka, will finally get to meet Riggs in person.

Steve and I made the decision before Riggs was born that we would rather he not look at TV or computer screens until he is older, but have made an exception for short Skype sessions with his aunt Beka, since she left Anchorage to go back to college three days before he was born.  It is going to be so special to finally see them together; that is probably what I am looking forward to most about our trip.

I am also very excited to get away from the snow for a while.  Usually I love the snow, and wish it would snow more.  But this year we have had lots and lots of snow, and it just keeps coming!  {It's starting to snow softly outside as I type this}.

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but it is just no fun having so much snow while living in a basement apartment.  We feel very confined and are worried about the spring when it all starts to melt.  I also think I feel a little more isolated and oppressed by the snow as a result of having a new baby and not being able to get out and go skiing on a whim like I did before.  Despite all that, I cannot deny how beautiful it has been.  It has also put me in the mood for crafting, which is always a good thing.

My sister-in-law gave me One-Yard Wonders as a Christmas gift, and I have been planning several projects that I hope to start once I'm finished sewing the longies up for Riggs.  I'll be sure to share them here when I do get started on them.  

 I also have this fleece that I need to do something with.  I bought it when it was on sale because I liked the big stripes, but I have not done anything with it and am growing very tired of having it around, especially since I don't have a designated spot for sewing/crafting.  This is the current storage system for my sewing supplies:

Everything is in heavy-duty reusable shopping bags because I like to bring my stuff to my sister's house to sew with here there.  It is very frustrating not to have everything out and organized, especially because I love organization.  But I simply do not have a better place for it, so for now this is what I have to do.  When we move, I cannot wait to set up a permanent space set up with my sewing/crafting supplies, even if it is not my "dream" set-up.  Anything will be better than shopping bags!


  1. I absolutely love this post! Especially the part about Seattle. I am so so so so so excited! It rained today, the GOOD kind, and you would've loved it, plus its been in the 50s all week so I'm sure we'll be hot! Love love all the pics of yarn and fabric! They look so squishy. Hope you find some wool for poor little Riggy. Those longies look super cute too! love you and be with you in ONE WEEK!!!!!!! <3

  2. Oh and I have my stuff in those cute re-useable shopping bags (though I don't have very much so it all fits!) Love!