Monday, March 26, 2012

Roll Sequence

Riggs is two and a half months old, I can't believe it!  He has accomplished quite a bit in that time, every day there is something new.  He rolled over when he was a little over a month old in his crib, but it was just a fluke and he hadn't done it since, until Saturday that is.  We were at Ben and Mercedes' house in Homer, and he was on the kitchen floor on a thin blanket enjoying some tummy time while Mercedes cooked dinner and I made brownies (yum).  He was doing some pretty impressive push ups, and we looked down at him to see what how he was doing, when he rolled right over!  He then proceeded to cry, as if he wasn't sure what had just happened and didn't like it.  I scooped him up to comfort him, excited and just a little sad.  It's hard to be a mama, so many conflicting emotions.

I feel like everyday, he needs me a little less.  It's a bittersweet feeling for me, I have to admit.  I'm excited to see him learn and grow, but so so sad to lose my little newborn!

As I mentioned, I think he has lost nearly all that newborn-ness and grown into a happy, active baby.  He sleeps so well at night, only waking once to eat and then go right back to sleep.  He loves to look all around, holding up his arms and kicking his legs furiously.

Although he took the pacifier sometimes when he was about one month old, he won't take it at all now.  He prefers to suck on his fist or arm, and so I am crossing my fingers that he does not become a thumb sucker!  It would be okay if he sucks his thumb for just a little while, but it is more likely that he will take after his mama and be attached to the thumb well into childhood.  I sucked my thumb long enough that I can easily remember doing so.  My mom and Aunt Connie tried many things to get me to stop, but every night I would hold on to my little snoopy pillow and suck my thumb until I fell asleep.  Ahhh...I sincerely hope he does not do the same :)

We had his two-month checkup with Dr. Keller over at Anchorage Pediatric Group and it went very well.  It was fun to see him smile and coo at Dr. Keller, and I was glad to see he was right on track and doing well.

Here are his stats:

Birth:  9lbs 4oz ... 21.5 inches long

1 month:  11 lbs ... 23 inches long

2 months:  15 lbs 6 oz ... 25.5 inches long

He was in the 99th percentile for both his length and his weight, and his height to weight ratio was about 50%, which means he is nearly perfectly proportionate - neither fat nor skinny :)  Dr. Keller says that based on his measurements he is the size of an average 4 month old, ha.

He holds his head up so high now and for such long periods of time, and he is just beginning to discover his hands.  He clasps them together and looks down at them for a few moments at a time and seems astonished that they are there.  Too funny!

He was rolling around in his crib today while I put his diapers away, so I took some photos and thought I'd share his "rolling-over" process.  He still cries every time he rolls over, I guess it is still a big surprise for him:

He pushes up and holds his head up as far as he can...

then he gets his hands into position...

and rolls right over, bursting into tears when he realizes what happened.
Happy Monday!


  1. Even though you warned me, when I saw that last picture of him crying, I just laughed out loud! What a beautiful baby you have and what a wonderful mother you are! I couldn't be prouder of you and your family. I love you so much! I can't wait to see you!!!

    1. Isn't he a cutie-pie? I can't wait to see you either, it's so close now! yay!