Tuesday, March 27, 2012

lots of everything

The weather was somewhat gloomy today.  Gray skies and dirty snow, any traces of sun gone by early afternoon.  I went grocery shopping with Kelsey and her boys in the morning, it's always good to spend time with them.  I picked up some seeds, dill and cilantro, and some soil for planting them.  I also had some bell pepper seeds I had saved from some organize peppers we ate last week.

I also made an attempt to revive a plant that didn't get watered for about two months.  Even without being completely neglected, it is so hard for house plants to thrive in this basement.  There is only one window that lets in much light, and it just doesn't seem to be enough.

Poor little plant...I hat to cut off a lot of dead shoots and leaves, and it still looks pathetic and sad.  But I think with a little TLC there might be hope left yet, time will tell. 

Although I am happy with the baby book that I found for Riggs, I find there is still so much more that I want to record than what the book allows for.  It has room for only certain occasions and milestones and a limited amount of space for anything else.  I found a beautiful leather bound journal, handmade in the USA, that I have been filling with all the little random details I want to remember.  

Speaking of Riggs, he is such beam of sunshine in our lives.  He has been smiling and stretching, and wriggling, and rolling and learning so much!

I love my baby boy, more than he will ever know.

I made apple cake today, from a recipe that Steve's grandma gave to me.   

It has a similar texture to pineapple upside down cake, so I added some pineapple for good measure. 

I wanted to make enough so that we could keep some at home and for Steve to take to work with him - I think there will be plenty.  The batter almost overflowed the largest mixing bowl that I have!

It is so good, especially with a little hot buttered rum sauce poured overtop.  This was my first time making this recipe, but I know I will make it many more times after this.

For dinner I made Greek Stuffed Peppers.  Stuffed Peppers have become a favorite of mine, because I love bell peppers and there are so many different ways to stuff them with good, wholesome ingredients.  Tonight they were stuffed with whole wheat couscous, onions, rosemary, homemade veggie stock, lemon juice, chicken and feta cheese.  The chicken was all that I had thawed out, it is supposed to be ground lamb.  

I made the veggie stock myself, because I was out of chicken stock.  It turned out nearly just as good and with much less of a salty flavor. 

I chose my favorite peppers, orange and yellow and cut them in half and left the stems on for looks. So bright, beautiful and wholesome looking.  

They turned out wonderfully and tasted as good as they look!  At least I thought so.  Steve said they were a little dry, and I think it might be because I didn't use lamb which probably had more fat than the lean chicken breast I used in its place.  Next time I might be more prepared and actually have some ground lamb, hopefully.  

We received a special package in the mail today, so exciting! Thank you Briney, we loved it all and I can't wait to see Riggs wearing his adorable little onesies while listening to Game of Thrones.

What a day filled with productivity and joy...hope yours was as well :)

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  1. Great pics!! I love the first pic of Riggs where he's on his side!