Friday, March 30, 2012

At our house...

Not much is going on here at our house right now.  I did rearrange our bedroom, but it's not that different or exciting.  There has been a lot of moose activity going on outside.  I have been finding fresh tracks outside by our car nearly every morning.  Two nights ago we saw the actual moose as it brushed up against our car to get to the tree nearby.

The poor moose have had a rough winter this year.  With the extra snow load, it is hard for them to walk through the snowbanks and deep snow and a lot of the shrubs that they like to eat are covered up.  Poor guys!  I'm glad they come to our neighborhood to eat from all the shrubs, bushes and trees.

Riggs has really changed a lot this past week.  He is sleeping even longer at night and we switched his to his convertible car seat this today - goodbye infant seat, I will not miss you! (it's a great seat, but since Riggs is now about 16 pounds, it's just too heavy to be carrying him around in).  Also, he has been enjoying so much more time on the floor on his tummy - he loves to roll over onto his back.  He's such an independent baby - when I'm cooking dinner, he'd much rather be on a blanket on the floor in the kitchen than in the Ergo carrier, where he squirms and fusses.

Every evening when Steve gets home he loves to sit in his chair with Riggs, and Riggs seems to like it too :)

My little tummy-time boy - such a happy guy
We thought we were headed down to Homer again this weekend but it looks like we will be doing snow removal around here instead.  Happy Friday and I hope everyone has had a happy week.


  1. Sooo in love with Rigg's purple blanket...I am a crazy crocheter and I love it and can make absolutely anything, but this summer I'm going to learn to knit just so I can make a purple blanket like that :)

    1. It's actually my blanket that I just happen to share with him :) Aunt Connie made it for me and I LOVE it :)