Tuesday, December 3, 2013


People. Let me tell you a little long story about being ridiculously sick and barely remembering the entire Thanksgiving weekend. Wednesday morning, I woke up with a horrible raw/sore throat. I figured it couldn't be anything too bad though since I didn't have a runny nose or anything, so we went along with our plans to go to Homer for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with Steve's family.

Thursday morning, I felt so sick. We packed up the truck and started driving, and by the time we got there and checked into our room, all I wanted to do was lay on the bed and go to sleep. But it was only about 3:30 and we still had the big Thanksgiving feast to attend, so I peeled myself from the bed and off we went.

 1 | Steve sandwiched between his mom and dad
2 | Riggs provided much of the music
3 | reading with daddy

It was so great to see everyone, family and friends that we don't get to see nearly enough, but I was on my last leg. Trying to keep an eye on Riggs (the only child there) and make sure he got enough to eat (he was being picky and didn't want any of the food ugh) and eat myself (I didn't want any of the food ugh), was pretty tricky. I felt so bad when I finally had to peel Steve away from his oldest friends and family to go back to the hotel. Riggs and I took a bath in the big soaker tub and then everyone went to bed.

I slept horribly, waking up every two hours or so to cough painfully and guzzle more water, but I was so thankful that Riggs slept well. We stayed for one more night and the rest of the time is kind of a blur. I was so thankful to have my FIL and his wife help out a bunch with Riggs, taking him around the Islands and Oceans Visitors Center and then having us over the rest of the day where I alternated between the recliner next to the woodstove and laying on the couch. Dorle made amazing food and it felt so nice to be so well taken care of!

We got home Saturday afternoon and after getting all settled in and having some dinner, I went to put Riggs down to bed. He was burning up with a fever! He's never had a fever over 99, but as soon as I held him I could tell he had a pretty high temperature. Sure enough, it was 102.3. I would normally just BF him and try to let the fever run its course naturally, but I was so tired and needed a good night of sleep (in my own bed yay) so badly that I gave him Tylenol. About an hour later, I felt a little funny, so I took my own temp, and sure enough, I had a fever of about 100.1. It was Tylenol and bed for me too.

Sunday Riggs was feverish all day, ranging from about 102-103.5, but we let it run it's course. Steve was literally the best dad and husband ever the entire weekend and took such good care of us. Then Monday my sister came out to help me with Riggs, and today I'm finally feeling somewhat normal again, although I'm still coughing nearly every time I breathe in too fast and bringing up some pretty nasty stuff. UGH. Being sick is soooo not fun.

We were going to pick out a tree and decorate Sunday, but Riggs was too sick to go out into the -9 degree temps and we were all pretty tired so I decorated as much as a could without the tree. We'll pick one out next weekend. I hope your Thanksgiving was just amazing! Despite being sick, mine was actually still pretty good. I felt so blessed to spend it with my two guys and some dear family and friends.

I did have it together enough to have Riggs' advent books/dvds wrapped,
and he has been excited to open them every morning so far.

Happy December Friends!


  1. Whitney I'm so sorry you were both ill! That just sucks. I hate hate hate being sick, especially over a fun weekend. No shame in busting out the Tylenol! Ben has been coughing and wheezing, has a runny nose, and a sore throat and we totally gave him Tylenol for his throat and put him to bed at 6:30 last night. Keep resting up and drinking that water! :)

  2. Glad you are feeling better and that you managed some fun through it all

  3. Aww I am sorry you guys were so sick! This sounds like what went through all my kids about 3 weeks ago. High fevers, sore throats, ugh it was awful!! I hope you guys are feeling better!

  4. Oh man, that sounds like it was rough! It's always a bummer to get sick over the holidays with all the good food and family around but I'm glad it was still decent for you. All of Riggs jammies are super cute btw, had to throw that in there! :)

  5. It was horrible, I hate being sick too! And I hate still being sick, but oh well. I hope poor little Ben is feeling better, it's bad enough to be sick as a mama but it's horrible watching them suffer! xoxo

  6. It seems like it's going around for sure! I'm glad Riggs is feeling better, now if only I could kick this cough!

  7. It was rough, luckily I'm not the biggest fan of thanksgiving food anyway ;)

    And thank you, we found some pretty cute Christmas jammies this year!! :)

  8. Yikes friend! Tis the season? :/ I'm started to do essential oils, curious about how they are going to impact this sick season. Have you heard of kombucha? I started making and drinking it several months ago and I haven't been sick once yet!

  9. We have just started using essential oils (this summer when Riggs was eaten alive by the mosquitos lol) and I really need to get some more!

    I love love love kombucha but I've only had store bought. I really need to learn how to make it!