Tuesday, December 17, 2013

oh Christmas tree!

Saturday we went out in the new snow to pick a tree. It was fun tromping around the yard and through the woods to look for the 'perfect' tree. Steve found one that would work, and cut it down and hauled it to the garage to thaw out.

Sunday after church and a (failed) Santa attempt, we came home and set it up and started decorating. We had Riggs play in his room while we put up the tree so he would be surprised. When he came out of his room his smile was soooo big. He just loved it! 

He was very gentle and listened well as we decorated it together while Steve watched football. He loved looking at all the ornaments as I took them out of the packages. He was our tinsel expert and put up nearly all the tinsel on the bottom half of the tree....

All of our ornaments are so special to me, as they were all given to me by friends and family who are dear to my heart. My dad's parents have always gotten us an ornament every year since we were born, and have done the same for Riggs since he was born. I loved looking at each ornament and remembering all the times I've put them up since I was a very little girl.

And it was so special and a little emotional to see Riggs' growing collection too. I just love Christmas and all the memories it brings!

It really feels like Christmas now in our house, and I'm feeling very, very blessed this Christmas. I can't wait to start the cookie baking, then it will both feel and smell (and taste!) very much like my very favorite time of year.


  1. I'm so jealous that you can just pick out a tree in your backyard! We're kind of a funny family - dreaming of a city life now, but we're constantly talking about a simpler, quieter life on a farm someday... Maybe a Christmas tree farm! Lol. My grandparents have always sent my sister and I an ornament each year too. Alex and I (usually just I) pick out an ornament for Ev each year, but my mom also sends her one. It's a really special tradition for us too.

  2. It is kind of a contradiction, isn't it? :)

    I love Christmas traditions and ornaments is an easy meaningful one I think every one should include!!

  3. We have a fake pre-lit tree. It's easy, beautiful and looks somewhat real (other than looking perfect) but I do love the idea of going out and hunting for a tree. I think we'll wind up having two trees once kid(s) get older.

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

  4. Your house always looks so cozy, I love it. My grandparents also got us ornaments every year :) Riggs did an excellent job with the tinsel!! :D I love Christmas too, it's seriously the best time of the year, all about family!