Thursday, December 5, 2013

25 things to do this December

I can't believe it's already been December for five whole days! This month is already getting away from me and I feel like it just got here. Christmas is far and away my most favorite holiday of the year, and there are so many ways I want to celebrate this year. I thought I'd share my list here and hopefully inspire some Christmas cheer for all of you as well!

1 make cinnamon rolls
2 Christmas crafts with Riggs
3 go skiing as a family
4 go on a Christmas date with Steve
5 make a type of cookie I've never made before
6 take Riggs to see Santa
7 read lots of Christmas books
8 go sledding
9 put up a wreath
10 send out Christmas cards to family and friends
11 sing Christmas carols
12 donate to a local charity
13 decorate a tree in the yard for the birds
14 drive around in the dark looking at lights
15 visit the reindeer farm's Christmas festival
16 attend a candlelight Christmas church service
17 spend a day sewing
18 start (and finish) a new book
19 write a letter to Santa with Riggs
20 make a snowman
21 finish my Christmas quilt
22 horse drawn carriage ride
23 take lots of pictures
24 put out milk and cookies for Santa
25 spend Christmas day with family

So there's my list! What are you making sure not to miss this Holiday season? We watched the lighting of the tree in NY last night and will definitely be watching the Sound of Music tonight. There's just something about TV specials this time of year I love too:)


  1. Great list and great picture! I am so jealous of all your snow! It was 55 in NY today! I am hoping we have some by Christmas. I too want to make a cookie I haven't made before and want to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. Last weekend we went to our little town's Christmas parade and had cookies and cocoa with Santa afterwards. It has become our family tradition and is so much fun. We are also going on the Polar Express train ride this year and I am hoping that will become a tradition too!
    P.S. My 3 year old son could not stop looking at Riggs picture! I told him he is a little boy that lives in Alaska. My son said he is going to gather up his Legos and go to Alaska to play with "that little boy in all the snow."

  2. This is a pretty good list! Going to the reindeer is on our to do list as well. The pumpkin patch there was so much fun, I am excited to take the kids for christmas.

  3. These all sound so fun! I would love to visit a Christmas festival this year or go see some Christmas light displays! Have a great December!! :)

  4. This is a great list! I want to do all of these too! I'm hoping to getting around making new cookies today. :)

  5. That is the sweetest story ever! I wish they could play together in the snow! It snowed even more over the weekend (like a foot!) so they would have lots of snowy fun!

  6. Thank you Kelsey! I can't wait to go to the Reindeer farm, we've never been for Christmas :)

  7. Thanks Jennifer! Looking at the Christmas light displays is a family tradition for us. Can't wait to go again this year:)

  8. Ohh can't wait to see pictures of all your cookie making, you are so good at making beautiful cookies! You need to come up here and make me some sugar cookies with Royal icing ;)