Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! We are so excited over here!

Steve has been home since Thursday and we have been in full Holiday festivities mode together as a family, it's been great. We've gone to Christmas parties and pageants and are looking forward to the candlelight caroling service tonight at church!

Friday Steve and I were feeling a little stir crazy around the house. We've really been wanting to see the Hobbit but didn't want to drive all the way into town and find a baby sitter for Riggs last minute, so we just decided to try going with him. I honestly had no idea how it would go, since he won't even sit and watch a movie at home. But it was his nap time, so I was hoping he'd sleep for most of the movie.

He actually did amazing! We grabbed him a booster and he sat on it for about the first hour, actually watching! We were cracking up as he laughed and said things (very loudly) like "oh, no!" when there was fighting. I was worried he'd be scared but he wasn't at all. He thought it was hilarious and he loved all the scenery shots in the movie. He got a little antsy after the first hour so I stood with him in the hallway/entrance and he got sleepy then slept the last hour+ of the movie. Despite how well he did, I think I'd like to go see it again with just Steve. I was watching Riggs so closely I missed a few things in the movie!

Saturday and Sunday we had snow non-stop, it was like a beautiful winter wonderland the entire weekend! And the temperature was pretty mild too, so we were outside quite a bit, going on snowmachine rides and skis around the neighborhood.

Monday it cooled back off and today it's just downright freezing, perfect for spending the days inside baking wrapping presents and baking yummy Christmas treats. We made fudge and Riggs loved 'helping' and licking out the pan. We also made spice cookies, Steve's favorite. I'm trying to get the energy up today to make sugar cookies, we'll see if it actually happens!

Riggs is very excited for Christmas and we are too! I can't wait to have my family over tomorrow for presents and yummy food and just some good old gabbing. I also told Steve this morning that I'm a little sad, since once tomorrow is past, it will be a whole year until it's Christmas again! It's come up so quickly this year and I was so sick for so long that I feel like I haven't gotten to soak it in as much as I usually do.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and remember to spend a some time thinking about the real meaning behind our celebrations. xoxo


  1. Honey I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve! Sending you love and my warmest wishes! Hug you super tight today! Kiss Riggs!

  2. I get so sad when Christmas is over too!! I could happily live my life between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve!! All the Christmas preparations make me so happy, when it's over I feel a little let down! Anyway, I love your blog and your little boy is so cute!! My little boy is almost 7 months old so I absolutely love reading about all Rigg's big boy adventures!! Merry (belated) Christmas!!

  3. I am in love with those little jammies. I love Hannah Anderson but the fit is too tight on Ben. :( Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas....those snow shots are simply beautiful!

  4. He is too cute!!! I am in love with those jammies. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

  5. Thanks Rebekka! Hugs from Alaska!

  6. Aww yeah I remember when Riggs was like 9 months he was a little too plump for them ;) Now they seem to fit him fine although I did get them one size too big. We love your card, by the way, such beautiful pictures!

  7. We did have a perfect Christmas, thanks Kenzie! Hope yours was lovely too!

  8. Thank you so much for the blog love Charisse! It is hard for me to acknowledge that Christmas is over, it happens so fast! I miss those pre-one-year months with Riggs, enjoy them!! :)