Thursday, July 11, 2013

summer living

Summer is in full swing, and we have been loving it! We went to Anchorage twice this week for doctors appointments and to visit with Grandma and Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa too. It's so sweet to see my little angel playing with and loving on some of the people who have been so important in my own life. Riggs loved his grandparent time, he just missed seeing his 'gampa'. Luckily we're going camping this weekend with my parents so he'll get to see his 'gampa' then :)

We finally broke down and got a bigger, car-camping type tent. Riggs was so excited when I half-way set it up in our living room (it barely fit!). Our little two person backpacking tent just wasn't really the most fun with Riggs and Tutka too. We went to Costco with Grandma to get some camping food and had pizza - Riggs sat at the big tables like a little kid. What's with that?!!

post office visits:

yummy, locally grown salads for dinner:

 I'm knocking on wood as I type this, but it seems like the hoards of Mosquitos are gone and the bug-level is back to normal around our house. We are loving it! Riggs loves loves loves to play on the back porch with Tutka and watch for bunnies. Two - a white and a black bunny - have been visiting quite often and Riggs loves to watch them and point at them saying, 'bun-a' 'bun-a'. I've also been enjoying the woodpecker family that lives in an old hollow cottonwood in the back yard. I can see their little nest from the window over the sink, and I always watch out for them when I'm doing dishes and cooking. 

I love having the door wide open, letting in those lovely summer scents with the slight breeze that's been hanging around. We spent last summer with both doors open nearly all day, and I've been yearning to do so this year too. And seeing Riggs and Tutka play together so nice out there, it just makes my heart happy. It also makes me feel like we made the right decision in getting a lab puppy when Riggs was just 3 months old, despite the harder days in the beginning. I know they are going to be best friends for many years, and it's so special that they're only one month apart!

a boy and his dog.
what could be sweeter?

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