Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY American Flag tee for toddlers

I've been searching for a cute American flag themed t-shirt for Riggs for I don't know how long. I wanted him to have something patriotic to wear to BBQ's and for pictures. There are lots of flag/patriotic shirts out there, but I didn't want something with words, slogans, brands, ect so basically I couldn't find anything. I sort of gave up and let it drop.

Then I was reading a few of my feed on bloglovin' this weekend, and I saw this DIY 4th of July shirt on Amy's blog, keepin' up with the Smith's. Why hadn't I thought of doing it myself before?! I went straight out and got some supplies for making a few shirt for Riggs - fabric paint and white tees. I wanted a white tank but I couldn't find any in his size and then I found these little Gerber tees on sale so I just grabbed them. During Riggs' naptime, I pulled everything out and got busy DIY-ing.

blue & red fabric paint
 t-shirt or tank
paintbrush (I used paper towel bc I wanted a more 'spongy' look)
painters tape
thick scrap paper

place thick scrap paper into the body of the shirt to keep paint from bleeding through onto the back of the shirt.

tape a rectangle for blue portion of the flag, and fill in with paint. Pull tape off carefully but quickly to ensure clean, straight lines.

Tape the lines for the red stripes. I did three red stripes under the blue portion and three long red stripes for the body of the 'flag'. Fill in with paint and peel off the tape:
[see why you need the scrap paper?]
Admire you DIY handiwork and then set somewhere safe to allow the paint to dry completely for 24 hours before washing or wearing.

I also made one more with a different design, which I think turned out cute too. I'm not a very artistic person but I still love to do creative things, so it was really fun to work on this little project.

They look adorable on him and I can't wait to see him waving a little flag in his 4th of July shirt this weekend!


  1. What a cutie!! I love this idea and will need to save it for next year. Thank you for sharing!!