Tuesday, July 9, 2013

our fourth of July

It was a fun fourth. We spent the morning at home together. We went walking in the morning, my boys had matching bedhead and sleepy faces. Later Riggs got dressed up in his red, white and blues and posed for some Independence Day pictures. Steve hosted a puppy pile in his lap. Riggs made his hilarious 'mad face' when I asked him to say cheese. We laughed quite a lot. It was lovely :)

We met up in the afternoon with some friends to drive the newly opened old road up through Hatcher's Pass. It's only open in the summer months when there's no snow on the road, once it snows they stop maintaining it until the snow melts again, and it usually opens about July 1st every year. 

It was a misty and rainy day, but that just made it more beautiful. The views from the road are just so amazing. We will definitely be going back soon to park and do some hiking. 

the Hatcher's Pass Lodge
click here for winter pictures

We went to a park afterwards while killing time before dinner. Riggs had so much fun playing with daddy and running away from me when I tried to hug him. He's a little trickster!

It was a fun, fun day and we were happy to spend it together.