Monday, July 8, 2013

toddler activities aka keeping Riggs busy for more than 2 minutes

Lately I feel like the second I take my eyes off of Riggs he is doing something like this:

So I've been trying to think of some good activities for him to do that are interesting to him and keep his attention for at least five minutes. I went to my Pinterest board and found a few activities that I could set up for him without having to leave the house and buy 'supplies'.

First wee did the paint in Ziplocs. Definitely interesting to him, but I need to put more colors in a gallon size bag next time and tape it down well with painters tape. He kept wanting the pick the whole bag up and I had only taped down the corners so it was easy to do.

Then after I ripped them off the counter and threw them away after he tried (and nearly succeeded!!) to open the bag, I got out the muffin pan and some of his colorful blocks from his room (inspired by this pin). This was much more interesting to him than the paint and he spent about 10 full minutes sorting the blocks before he started throwing them. I will definitely be trying this again, maybe with different objects.

I'm trying to collect some different shaped bottles to try this next. Any ideas for keeping a nearly-18-month old busy? Please share!


  1. I am right there with you on this one. It's so nice to have found someone with a little one the same age as Evie. I feel like you and I deal with the same things right at the same time. I can't do anything for 5 minutes without her destroying something or the entire house! Lol. I'm going to try these today!

  2. I like the look of concentration on his face as he looks into the muffin pan. He is taking it very seriously.