Friday, June 1, 2012

W.I.P. Nursery Pictures

Just dropping in to share what's been keeping me very busy.  I have a few pictures of the progress I'm making in the nursery.  Problem is I still have more to do in our room and the living room...oh well, I know it will eventually all be done!

View when you walk in the door.  I got the lined green baskets on super clearance at Fred Meyer ($15 for both I think) and the basket for books next to the rocking chair at Value Village for $2.99, I love good deals!  I still want to put some sort of paper backing on the back of the bookcase, and I think I even have the perfect scrapbook paper for the job.  Problem is it is packed away somewhere in the book boxes I was going to wait to unpack until Steve made the built-in bookcases in the little office nook area.  It's driving me nuts though so I think I will have to go find the scrapbook paper sometime this weekend.

Cutest little creel (fishing basket) that I found at Value Village for $1.99!  I'm so in love with this, it looks amazing in his room.  It had some pinecones in it that I'd like to find a home for too.  The owl hooks were a gift from my Mom, she found them at Ikea.  Have I mentioned before that I would just die to have an Ikea in Alaska? Well I would!

The other side of the room with the closet and his growth chart.  I need to get some new closet door knobs and a different hanging pot for his spider plant.  I want to dress this wall up more too, any ideas?  I was thinking a shallow shelf all the way across the wall above the closet would be a nice way to store fragile keepsakes that I don't want to get broken.

I'll put the next sticker on at 6 months...

Crib wall, looking in through the window.  I never found his crib hardware, but I took the crib manual to Lowes and bought some machine screws that looked to be the right diameter and they worked!  It cost about $4.75 to get all the pieces I needed, not bad.  The rug is a nice and soft cotton strip, it matches nearly all the colors in his room.  Eventually I would love to splurge and get him this one from Land of Nod...but I have to save up my pennies first!  I also need to do more to this wall, it feels a little empty, especially that corner with the mushroom nightlight charging up...a little blah.  

Looking out the door from his room (you can see the blurry little bald head of Riggs sitting on the couch too!).  As you can see we are stilling missing the lightswitch cover, but I ordered one on Etsy and it's in the mail.  
So there it is, that's all I have done so far.  I'll post more as I get more done.  For now I'd appreciate any ideas for those empty-ish, questionable areas.  Happy Friday!


  1. It looks so good!! And so much more room than in your old place... I love that you have so many books for him. I LOVED being read to when I was little. Oh and amen on an Alaskan Ikea - they don't even ship here!! The worst!

  2. Looks awesome!! You are so creative!

  3. I love it!!!!!! Good job sister!