Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sick on a Sunny Day

Hello everyone!  So, it's the first sunny day in a very long time and guess what?  I'm sick.  Yep, stuffy-nose, sore-throat, losing-voice, ears-plugged kind of sick...isn't it wonderful?  There is a whole list of things I should be doing inside the house (washing the odd dishes that didn't fit in the dishwasher, putting the things that gather on the kitchen island back where they belong, starting the laundry, planning what to make for dinner...) or even outside the house (pick up doggy-poo, mow the lawn, hey or even sit on the porch in the sun or go for a leisurely bike ride).

I'm not doing any of those things.  Instead, I'm spending some quality time with my laptop while Riggs naps and Tutka chews a bully stick (only way to keep him occupied for any length of time).  And guess what?  It feels sooo good.  I don't even feel the least bit guilty.

I've been looking at fabric over at Fat Quarter Shop and thinking of all the wonderful things I'd like to make with them.  First thing on the list of things (other than quilts and handkerbibs) that I want to make are the Quick Change pants from the Handmade Beginnings book.  Here is one example, and then Nicole over at Frontier Dreams made a pair for her little guy here as well.  They are just so, so cute, and there are even modifications you can use for fitting these pants over fluff.

The only thing is, garment sewing is so intimidating to me!  And I want to make them out of nice fabric, but I don't want to ruin it if the pants don't turn out well.  So I'm thinking of using some old fabric I have lying around to make a test pair, and then moving onto the real deal with some much cuter fabric.  Here is some Michal Miller fabric that I am in love with:

Anyway, I think I might force myself to go on a bike ride.  I know I'll feel better if I do, and Riggs just loves looking around at everything.  Maybe we'll stop by the Reindeer Farm and take some pictures...who knows?

Despite being sick and having a crazy puppy to keep an eye on, I've actually had a pretty good morning.  How can you go wrong when you wake up to this?

You just can't have a bad day when you're spending it with Riggy - one smile will melt all your cares away...


  1. Pants are the easiest clothes to sew! You can do it. :)

  2. I totally agree, but using old material is a good idea, especially to check fit. :-)