Friday, June 15, 2012


So, let me tell you about reason #137 why I love to bike...MOSQUITOES.  I thought it would be a stupid wonderful idea to take Riggs on a walk this afternoon rather than going on a bike ride.  My legs were sore from the workout and 5 mile ride I did yesterday afternoon, and I thought stretching them out by going for a nice walk would be a good idea.  So we put on our walking shoes and headed out for a walk.

We were just walking along, minding our own business, when they came, swarming us from every direction without mercy.   I tried to walk faster to see if that would help, but it didn't seem to.  They were getting thicker by the moment, so I decided I had had enough, turned around and ran home.  Yes, ran.  So much for a nice leisurely walk. 

Me trying to stay away from the evil mosquitoes

Riggy seemed to have a fun enough time, even thought they swarmed him too.  I did buy a bug net for his stroller at some point...I guess I need to get that out and use it.  Or maybe I could just go biking, and he could be in his nice, cozy, bug-free little buggy riding along behind me.  

After all, there are lots and lots of roads to explore nearby, with little to no traffic (if you don't count four-wheeler traffic, that is).  

Oh, and PS...

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