Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Settling In

I'm starting to discover all the quirky little things about where we live, and I love it.  Whenever we turn onto our little gravel road, I feel tension leaving my body.  And when we turn into our drive, I am overwhelmed remembering that the little white house with blue trim is ours.  It's ours!  The first couple of weeks here were still somewhat stressful, and not as exciting as I had quite hoped they would be.  We were unable to completely move in because of the carpet situation, and it was chaotic not knowing exactly where things were and I found myself digging through the same boxes over and over.  I was somewhat glum, and prone to emotional sensitivity that I'm sure started to try poor Steve's patience.

Progress happened each weekend when Steve was home from work, and two weeks after we moved, the carpets were in, the painting was finished and we were finally able to move into the bedrooms.  We have since been able to more fully unpack our belongings, finding new homes for them in this perfect {to us} little house.  And somewhere along the way, a peaceful contentedness has entered my heart and flourished there.

I have spent hours biking and walking around the neighborhood, and have biked into Palmer three times now.  Palmer is such a lovely town, filled with the nicest people, who are quick to smile and lend a helping hand.  I am being completely truthful when I say I haven't had a single negative experience yet.  Riding my bike through town, people in cars were very respectful and thoughtful, stopping despite having the right of way and waving me on to cross in front of them with a smile.

On the little gravel roads near our house, anyone who drives by lifts their hand to give a friendly wave and each time it brings a smile to my face.  When I am out in our yard, each person that walks, bikes, four wheels, or drives by waves or calls hello.  It is so friendly and encouraging, and that little gesture of kindness can lift my spirits even when I am the most frustrated.

Today I set out from my house on a walk, not knowing really how far or where I planned on going.  I just knew that we all {Riggs, both dogs and me} needed a break from the house - some fresh air and exercise.  There was a slight breeze and the temperature was pleasantly cooler than the last couple of days have been, and not nearly as muggy.  Clouds were hanging low in the sky and rain seemed likely at some point, probably later in the afternoon.  We looked like quite the quirky group ourselves, since I had Tutka on the leash, Riggs in the Ergo, and Beau in the stroller.  It felt so silly at first, but it worked out very well.  I'm trying to work on leashed walking with Tutka, and Beau is too distracting for him.  I did not want to leave Beau behind, however, and so buckling him into the stroller allowed him to come along, but be "out of sight, out of mind" for Tutka.

It was a lovely walk!  Since we first moved in, I have noticed a motorhome that drives by our house nearly every day.  Today while walking, I passed the motorhome, which slowed to a stop next to us, and the driver window rolled down to reveal an elderly woman, her husband in the passenger seat.  They had a little laugh about the dog situation, and introduced themselves.  We chatted for a moment, and then they headed down the street, past our home and onto theirs.  This was exactly the kind of neighborly interaction I had hoped for when moving out here to the "country" and I was glad they had taken the time to stop and talk to me.

We kept walking and came to the bunny corridor {at least that is what we call it}, where we counted 5 bunnies.  Whenever Steve and I drive {or bike} by, we count how many bunnies we can see.  The most we've seen at one time was 11, mostly big, fluffy black bunnies, although there is at least one white and one duff colored bunny amongst the lot.  They are all so cute, and they spend their time hopping lazily about, or stretching out in the sun. 

 I do wish there was some path through the empty fields all around the area that I could walk through, long enough that I could not walk to the end in one morning.  I love to be out enjoying the beauty of the natural world around me, and when I am out feel as though I would like to just keep walking forever.  For when I am walking, my head is filled with the sweet scent of the wildflowers and grass and freed from the tedious thoughts and cares of the everyday, I can more clearly see and enjoy the beauty around me.  

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I can't wait to go on a walk with you! I want to see the bunnies :D