Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5 months old

The days they pass so quickly now the nights are seldom long
Time around me whispers when it's cold
The changes somehow frighten me and still I have to smile
it turns me on to think of growing old
For though my life's been good to me there's still so much to do
So many things my mind has never known...
John Denver

Dear Riggs,

Today you are 5 months old and I can't believe it.  Time has flown by so quickly and it just seems to get faster each day.  I think that being a mama is the most bittersweet experience there is...everyday I am overwhelmed with emotions, both happy and sad, thinking of quickly you are growing up and away from me.  One moment I am so excited about the new things you are learning and doing, the next I am wishing I could keep you as my little newborn baby forever.  

You are sitting up now for about 10 seconds at a time by yourself, before you slowly crumple forward or spastically jerk to one side or the other.  You love to clutch things, including your Haba Magica toy, your soft little gnome, your wooden teething ring, or anything else that happens to be near your hands.  You love books, and although we read you the same ones over and over you never seem to tire of them.

You still love tummy time, and try so hard to get all the way up on your hands and knees at the same time, but so far you haven't quite managed to do so.  You push way up on your hands, and sometimes roll right over.  You get up on your knees, but can't get up on your hands at the same time.  But you try so hard and don't even get mad, you just keep trying and trying.  You can scoot around due to your ministrations, and are quite happy with yourself when you get from one side of the rug in your bedroom to the other.

Newborn prints and then today's 5 month old prints...so much bigger!     
We did your handprints and footprints today, and I simply can't believe how much you've grown!  You are solidly into your 6-12 months clothes now, and can't fit into any 3-6 months clothing no matter how I try to squeeze you in.  Here are your 5 month old stats:

18lbs 13oz :: 28 inches long :: head circumference 43.5 cm

That's quite a bit different from the 9lbs 4oz, 21.5 inches, and 36.5 cm (head circumference) you were at birth.  It is amazing to watch you sprout up like a little weed, we love it!

You are our sweet little baby, and it has been the happiest 5 months of our lives.  We love you so much!

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Mama and Daddy


  1. Love the pictures, the lyrics, and the sweet baby boy!

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