Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Painting and Carpet

I am linked up with Nicole's Keep Calm Craft On post at Frontier Dreams for this post :)

We moved into our new home on May 12, one week earlier than we had originally planned, yay!  It has been so nice living out here in our new little nest, and I have loved nearly everything about living here. The only extremely slightly frustrating thing has been the fact that we needed to replace the carpets in both bedrooms and paint Riggs' room before moving our things into those rooms.  So all of our boxes were in the living room for nearly two weeks, lovely.  

Luckily Steve got the carpet installed in our bedroom last weekend, and we were able to move out of the living room/den nook.  Then another week went by (a stressful week in which Steve started working more hours and was like a zombie when he got home each day and I grew more and more irritated that I couldn't find anything because of all the boxes).  This weekend things greatly improved, and we finished all the painting in Riggs' room and Steve got the carpet into Riggs' room.  I am so excited to spend the next few weeks moving Riggs' stuff into his room and getting it all set up just so.  There is a little road bump due to the fact that I can't find the crib hardware (I put the bag of screws in a "safe" spot so it wouldn't get lost - ha).

So I know it's not technically crafting, but it has involved some creative juices so I think it counts.  Here is a little photo journal of our progress:

BEFORE: this is the best photo I have of his room before. Worn, stained blue carpet and purplish gray walls
Carpet ripped out, trim taped and first coat of paint on the walls, yay!

Old color on the left and new color on the right. What do you think?

Walls done and carpet pad stapled down (by me yay!).

Another view...

Bad iPhone picture of new carpet and some things getting put away.  I'm thinking of
using some scrapbook paper to attach to the back of the bookcase to add some visual interest
to the ugly backboard.  I can't stand seeing the fold lines in the particle board :)

His little bee hook hung up (at child level!) and a good demonstration of the wall color.
Warm, creamy nearly white.

And a bonus picture of my sweet little babe, tuckered out from helping mama set up his room :)
Backyard birdwatch update:  a few little Chickadees have been seen visiting the suet feeder on the edge of the yard, hurrah!  Now we just need to get some visitors to the black oiled sunflower seed feeder on the front porch...


  1. It looks so good! So much brighter and seems more welcoming. I've been wanting to paint the rest of the condo for months now... still only have one bathroom done (almost).

  2. Awesome - love the bird update!!! Love you - and I couldn't believe how awesome i looked when you felt it was crazy!!

  3. I'm laying here wondering at 10:30 at night: Did Whitney find the hardware yet, and it is honestly keeping me awake...ugh!

  4. I love how creamy the new wall color is! Looks great and I can't wait to see it in person!

  5. It must feel soooooooooo good to settle in. Fresh paint,new carpet, treasures on the shelf, a rockin chair for you and Riggs.