Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Sun

My child loves being outside in the sun. It is our favorite thing about the new house, I think, to sit out on the front porch in the sun and watch the dogs play in the yard.

The problem is, he takes after me and is very pale and on top of it had sensitive skin like his father. And I just don't trust sunscreen to fully protect his skin. Luckily, I had a genius idea. Hello, umbrella! Not only did it protect his skin and eyes, it was very fun for him to grab.

We still don't have Internet set up at our house and won't until next week, but to be honest it's been a nice break as well as a good reminder that there are other things to do. I wish I could say that I have been taking a break from ALL screens, but no, I still cannot tear myself away from my phone. Its been even worse since I discovered Draw With Me (yes, I realize that I am behind and that this game has been popular for a while). I don't know why but I just love to watch the other person guess what I drew. I have included one of my "lovely" drawings below for you to laugh at. :)

My other new pastime is watching the yard like a hawk for for any sign of birds coming to my new bird feeder. No luck yet but I will keep you posted. I have seen a few Robins hopping around the yard and I hear a variety of birds chirping all the time, so I'm hoping to have some customers pretty soon. I need to go though the pile of book boxes to find my bird guide.

It has been hard not to be able to unpack and get every room set up an all out things put away. Steve just started working longer hours at wok and does not have the energy to do much of anything when he gets home. But Saturday he is planning on putting in the new carpet in our bedroom and then I will at least be able to set that room up and get our stuff out of the living room. I can't wait to post some pictures from my laptop and my better camera, but it is nice to have the iPhone which will do nearly anything in the meantime.


  1. Love all the pics! Riggy under the umbrella is too sweet!!! <3

  2. Riggs looks so much like you Whitney! I recognize the little expressions. He is so yummy!
    Congrats on your new home. God has been so good to you!