Monday, May 7, 2012

Right Now, I am

Right now, I am...

...thinking of how I need to get some more packing done today.  I was happy to get a bit done this morning before baby woke up and then again after he ate.  I have nearly all of his room packed up and nearly all the books done as well.  Today my goal is to fill the six boxes I have remaining before heading out this evening to get more boxes and start again tomorrow.  

...listening to Riggs softly cooing and fussing as he drifts off to sleep in his crib.  I love to hear the little sounds he makes as he falls asleep.  Often he will silently go to sleep, but sometimes he will make little cooing and whining noises as he fights his impending visit to dreamland.  He rarely full out cries unless I have put him to bed too late and he is overtired.  Such a little sweetheart! 

...happy that Steve and I got out yesterday to go on a family walk.  Despite the colder temperatures, dark gray skies and rain, we had a lovely time.  It was nice and quiet, we only four other people walking and a few cyclists during the hour and a half we were out.

...impressed with how well our puppy Tutka is doing with potty training and basic commands.  Despite the harder moments (barking at 3 am for the tenth small drink of water that night) he has already brought so much joy to our little family.

...thankful that there are blue skies and sunshine outside today.  Once Riggs wakes up from his nap we will head outside to feel the warmth on our faces and breath in some much needed fresh air.

...surprised that the snow has melted so fast.  On our walk yesterday we noticed that the snow on the mountains has barely been melting, I think there will still be snow throughout the entire summer and into the fall.  We saw one of the guns they use for avalanche management on our walk too, it was so big and somewhat eerie looking at first looming up ahead of us on the trail.

...hungry for a good book to read.  Unfortunately all of mine are packed up so I will have to make do with listening to books on for now.  Once we have gotten settled into our new house I will make it a priority to find some books to read this summer, especially since I am signing myself and Riggs up for the Summer Reading Program through the Palmer Public Library beginning June 4th.  {There is a summer reading program being offered through the Loussac Library in Anchorage as well beginning on May 12.}

...grateful for my husband for all that he does for me.  He has been such an amazing friend for the last seven years and I am so glad to have him in my life.  Having a new baby has been very fun and rewarding for me personally (and for him), but I know that he probably misses the attention he used to get from me, that is now mostly focused on Riggs.  Despite this he has been unbelievably helpful and supportive for the last four months (and before that during my pregnancy) and has truly blown me away with his capacity for compassion and understanding.  Both Riggs and I are very lucky and blessed to have him in our lives.

...excited about being in our new home somewhat shocked that moving day is coming up so quickly!

...thinking that I had better say goodbye and get back to packing.  Happy Monday everyone!

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