Thursday, November 3, 2011

unplanned cleaning day

DAY THREE:  I am thankful for having a house full of nice things to put back in their places, lots of warm, snuggly clothes that need to be washed, folded and put away, and plenty of dirty dishes that need to be washed, dried and tucked away in the cupboards.

My mom has a plaque in her kitchen similar to this, and I always look at it when 
I'm washing dishes.  I really need this at my house as a reminder every time
I wash the dishes, sometimes multiple times a day, to be thankful.  It's so, so true!

Today I planned on cutting out the rest of the pieces I need for my Christmas yellow brick road quilt.  I also need to cut off the extra batting and backing so I can sew the binding on the quilt I made for my little rigglet Rowan.  I left my rotary cutter at my sister Kelsey's house last time I was there, and it's always more fun to cut with company, so I just planned on going over to her place and having a cutting party.

In the back of my head I knew I had some cleaning to do that I've been avoiding by working on Christmas crafts, but I figured I'd get it done tomorrow.  I got my stuff together that I needed to take with me and took Beau outside for a quick (and chilly!) morning walk.

Then I took a shower, and the water didn't drain.  I mean it did eventually, but I can't stand it when things don't work properly and especially despise bathtubs that don't drain efficiently.  Usually I would try to get on my knees, bend over, and get in the drain myself with a wire hanger, but I looked down at my rather large belly and decided to just call the plumber.  I had just cleaned it out about three months ago anyway, and had gotten a rather large amount of hair out of there, so I figured it's probably further down the pipes.  I live in an old house, and the pipes for the sink and bathtub are interconnected and hook up to the main pipes after a pretty sharp corner, which we've had problems with before, so I'm glad to be getting it good and cleaned out.  Last time we had it snaked was over three years ago, so I guess it probably needs it anyway.

I called the plumber around 9am, and was happy to hear they could fit it in today.  But they couldn't come straight over of course, so I had to cancel my plans for a cutting party.  Instead I've spent the morning cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning.  I always forget how I am about cleaning; once I start I just can't stop.  I just see more and more things that need cleaning, or organizing, or putting away, and I just keep going and going!  I decided to take a quick break to blog about what I'm thankful for before I forgot (and to eat lunch) and realized that I am so thankful just to have things to clean!  I'm also thankful for the energy and lack of back pain I have today - it makes going on a cleaning spree a lot easier and more productive.  But now I have to get back to organizing Steve's desk.  Hope you have have a thoughtful, thankful Thursday!

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  1. You are such a good cleaner!! Though I can't imagine what you're going to be like when you're nesting!!! lol ;P