Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April, come she will

April is an interesting month when you live in Alaska. Everywhere else it seems like spring is in full bloom and summer is truly right around the corner. Here, it's just April. There's really no other way to describe it. It's not winter anymore really, but it's not spring either. It's about 40 degrees the entire month, and there's usually a good snowfall or two. It doesn't even begin to get green here until late May. Need proof? Check out this post from last year on May 23rd. See what I mean? So I have one small little favor I need to ask all you non-Alaskan blog friends of mine, please please please enjoy all that lovely green for me!

It has been sunny and warm (at least to us) lately and we have really been enjoying getting outside without worrying about snowpants and snowboots. Both Riggs and I are completely comfortable in long pants, thick sweatshirts and usually a hat for Riggs. After the cold temps of winter, 45 degrees in the full sun just feels so incredibly warm. 

We got to go over to Papa and Grammy's house this weekend (one of our very favorite spots to be) and Riggs had so much fun riding the horses and helping Papa with the chores. He is so lucky to have friends who are more like family that care about him so much! We just love them ♥

helping Papa get the horses groomed and saddled up

this sight made me smile as we went in for dinner

Monday Riggs and I had ran errands in town and then made a stop at the Palmer Train Depot to play out in the sun a little bit. He loved the train and spent about 30 minutes climbing all over it. I was just happy to stand out in the sun for a bit. I love downtown Palmer. Last summer we spent lots of time just wandering around, and I can't wait to do the same this summer.

Today Steve was off and so he got to come along with Riggs and I to Library Group. This week the theme was spring gardening so during craft time the kids made a tissue/origami flower and a 'garden' with foam stickers and constructions paper. Riggs was glad to have mommy and daddy to help him, and after he finished he kept pointing to his projects and saying, "mamma help" with a huge smile at me then looking at Steve and saying, "daddy help!" with an even bigger smile. Afterwards we kicked the ball around a bit in the park next to the library.

I think people were a little scared watching me and my pregnant belly run around after the ball, but I wasn't going to sit on the bench and just watch them have all the fun. A pretty lovely way to spend a sunny Tuesday.


  1. We love the train depot in Palmer! So fun. And I am totally jealous of all your yellow grass!!! My yard is still completely covered in snow :( so we just keep going to turf time to run around.

  2. Love all the photos you share, I'm slightly obsessed with photos of Alaska :) That train depot looks so awesome, the perfect place to take a little boy!

  3. I'm hoping the sunshine sticks around for awhile. These last couple weeks have been great. I even spotted some green grass in our yard today! I don't want to get too excited though. I keep thinking back to that May snowfall. I have a feeling we aren't in the clear yet.