Saturday, April 5, 2014

birthday party fun

My older sister turned thirty yesterday and we had so much fun celebrating her big day together. We hired a babysitter for her boys and for Riggs and then met downtown for dinner. We got a big round table at Orso, it was just perfect for all the talking and laughing we did. She wanted a small party with just immediate family, and since our little sister is in Washington for school, it was just Steve and I, Kelsey and her husband, my parents and our Aunt Connie and Uncle Doug. 

It was such a treat to have a nice family dinner together without the kids, as much as we love them. I think it's the first family dinner we've done without them ever! And they were having lots of fun back at Kelsey's house with one of their favorite babysitters.  

I made a little mini-cake for my sister, plus cupcakes for everyone else, so cute!

Steve with the birthday girl

Kelsey and John

me and my momma ♥

blowing out her candle!

everyone was thrilled to wear the party hats I brought haha

Happy birthday to my sweet older sister Kelsey!
I can't believe we're all getting so old, haha.

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