Wednesday, April 23, 2014

our week in iPhone photos

We had a fun filled weekend and this week has already been pretty fun too. The weather has been amazing and we spent most of our time outside doing spring chores and enjoying the warm sun. I truly love spring and am so thankful for the little bits of green I've been seeing popping up around the yard.

Riggs helped daddy wash the car:

watching motocross videos together over breakfast:

a little lego time in the morning:

at Wonderland Park in Wasilla...
cookie in one hand and bubbles in the other :)

giving mommy and daddy rides on 'his' motorcycle:

 so much fun swinging:

 lice treatment for two of my girls.
chicken people, have you had problems with lice in the spring?
I only had two that had any signs of lice around their vents
(I do a 'health check' every two weeks or so)
not surprised at which two as they're my worst groomers...
tea tree bath, vinegar and DE dustings - I'll check again in two weeks.

they have been loving the warm sun

worst things about spring/summer in Alaska...Mosquitos.
Riggs already got his first big bite which swelled up the back of his head.
It was hot to the touch and pretty tender for him for the first two days, ugh.

 We spend our mornings reading and playing while we wait for it to warm up from 40 to 60 degrees:

Yesterday we went to 2 year old lapsit at the Library. It was the last week before a month long break. It starts back up again in June for the summer reading program, I can't wait! Riggs has done it every year since he was just 6 months old. Excited for this year since he can make more of his own choices about which books he wants to read.

Both Riggs and Steve love dirt bikes and four-wheelers so we stopped by the Yamaha dealership nearby the gym before swimming last night so they could sit on a few bikes. Best entertainment ever for a two year old. We were there for almost an hour and he just sat on various bikes and four-wheelers. Nice break for mama, haha.

I'm already loving our spring/summer this year and it's just getting started!


  1. I love the picture of him reading books on the counter. :) Sweet boy.

  2. Thanks Andrea! I just love how much he loves books. I hope it's a lifelong thing for him!

  3. Porr little guy! That mosquito bite looks rough! I am so anxious about mosquitoes - I think i'd hyperventilate there in the Spring. I get a mosquito and swear I have west nile the next day. Haha.

  4. Oh my gosh, Riggs on that little motorcycle is just too much. Looks like a fun week!!