Sunday, April 13, 2014


We had a busy, fun weekend. Saturday was Steve's 28th birthday and Riggs and I lavished him with attention in the morning, then ditched him for a baby shower in Anchorage, poor Steve ha.

It was a baby shower for my friend-since-junior-high Briney at her parents house (which I just love). She's having a girl too and is due about a month before me in May. Her shower was fun and the food was so yummy. She loves breakfast food so there was a waffle bar and lots of fruit and bacon and a pull-apart french-toast bread and chocolate-covered strawberries. Riggs was on his best-behavior and spent most of his time charming all the ladies and eating bacon. 

After the shower we headed home, picked up Steve and Tutka and met my parents and their poodles at Reflections Lake for a quick and windy walk. We had to drag Riggs away from the trail to leave for birthday dinner at Turkey Red in Palmer. We didn't even get to dinner until about 7:15, his bedtime. He hung in there though and was only minimally onery during dinner, which lasted until about 9! We were just having so much fun talking and laughing. Steve got a complimentary dessert from Turkey Red and had the flourless chocolate cake, which came smothered in raspberries and homemade whipped cream - it looked (and tasted) amazing! 

tired (and wind blown) but happy after dinner

Today we had waffles for breakfast before church, then went swimming at the Alaska Club, followed by a massage for Steve and Target for Riggs and I. Such a perfect weekend, made even better this evening when I checked my final total for the Bella Kids Consignment sale. Only picking up a few pieces of clothing tomorrow, everything else sold, yay! I'm thrilled with how it went and can't wait to sell (and attend) again in the fall!

I hope your weekend was lovely too, and I'm looking forward to the busy pre-Easter week ahead of us. We're hosting Easter this year and I'm so excited that the last of the latest snow melted today so that it will be nice and dry for an outdoor Easter Egg hunt for the boys. I also managed to get Riggs' Easter outfit and basket finalized thanks to my Target trip today. I'll be posting more about both later this week :)

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  1. haha. Steve was probably just thankful he wasn't invited to the baby shower too. ;)

    sounds like a fantastic weekend! You're just looking more and more amazing every time I see photos of you. totally swooning over that baby belly. gosh. <3