Tuesday, February 4, 2014

weekend with family

Thursday my sister-in-law and niece flew in from Homer to spend some time before their new baby is born (a girl too!) and get some shopping done in Anchorage. They were joined by my brother-in-law Friday evening and stayed until Sunday. We had so much fun spending time together and watching Riggs and Morgan play together.

I so wish we could spend more time with them, but I know it's also more special and fun for the cousins to visit each other since it involves long trips and staying at each others houses. My niece Morgan is so sweet and was such a cuddle bug - I loved her hugs and snuggles so much! She loved talking about her baby sister and her baby cousin and how big my belly is going to get, like her mamas (who is 36 weeks pregnant). So cute!

having his cousin over wore him out
I found him lying on the floor in the middle of his room with his boom truck ;)

We went on adventures and had fun watching the kids be kids together. They had so much fun watching out the window Saturday as their dads worked on projects outside together. Morgan was so funny, she kept saying "That's a dad, and that's a dad, and I'm a kid and you're a kid, and that's a mom and that's mom! Two families!" and pointing to everyone as she said it. She kept us all entertained with her constant chatter :)

Watching kiteboarding videos with Uncle Ben

It was so much fun to spend a long weekend with them, and just crazy to think that it's the last time we'll all probably hang out as families of three. Next time I see that sweet family will probably be to celebrate the birth of their sweet baby. Then later it will be our turn! Where does the time go?!


  1. We love cousins too! Isn't it so special to see that relationship develop? BTW, those are gorgeous mountains you get to look at everyday.

  2. It's so fun to see the cousins together! I just wish could get them together more often! And yes, we love 'our' mountains :)