Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spring Gap Maternity Picks

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I'm finally starting to really feel pregnant. I tried to wear my jeans last week and while they did button, it was horribly uncomfortable to have the denim cutting into my bump. I was browsing Gap's website this week and was surprised to find quite a few basic wardrobe items that I would actually feel okay 'investing' in. 

Every time I go in a Gap store I feel like the maternity clothes are all geared more to work-wear, way too fancy for this stay-at-home mom. So I was thrilled to see some pieces that I know I'd wear on a daily basis, instead of just when I felt like getting 'dressed up'. 

I plan on grabbing the straight leg, boyfriend style jeans, the v-neck, capri leggings and the nursing top for sure. The chambray dress and shirt are items I love, but not sure how much wear they'd really get...maybe if they go on a really good sale!


  1. When I was pregnant with Ev, Gap maternity jeans were the only jeans that would fit me right. They're so expensive, but such a good investment if you want to be comfortable. I only had two pairs, but never regretted buying them.

  2. These are such good picks! I love the 4th one. I have the non-maternity version of that dress and it's amazing and comfy!

  3. Good to hear from another person that they love them! I heard so many horror stories about maternity pants so last time I got the GAP ones and loved them. I felt like they were worth the money (even though they are pretty pricey!)

  4. It looks amazing and comfy! But hearing that it actually is sways me a little towards wanting to get it :) I can do comfy, especially when it looks so put together!