Friday, February 14, 2014

our Valentines Day!

We had such a fun Valentines Day this year! Even though both Riggs and Steve are sick, both were happy enough and it was fun to spend the day together. And just for the record, neither Riggs or I got out of our pajamas all day. We took pajamas off for the bath and put new ones on for bed :)

I couldn't wait to give Riggs his Valentine card and candy, so I gave it to him first thing when he woke up. I think he was shocked to eat chocolate for breakfast :) He loved his dinosaur card too and had me set it up so he could look at it while he ate, so cute! I just love how having kids brings excitement to all the holidays for me.

After breakfast, we worked on a fun Valentines Day craft together and Riggs did really well glueing hearts to his paper. It's fun to see his patience increasing when he does crafts, I just love it. It's such a pleasure to sit down with him for half and hour or more and work on crafts together, more and more feeling like we're working together equally rather than just me managing the chaos.

He was very proud of his 'Valentine'. We put it up on the fridge and he kept looking at it and yelling 'yayy!' every time.

[if you're wondering why his hair is up in a bobby pin, it's because he loves to have his hair done and when he sees me pinning my bangs back he wants his pinned back too. silly boy!]

After a little bit of play time we made Spinach Muffins (recipe over at my friend Lena's blog, Root and Blossom!) together and then had lunch. Lately he's wanted honey on everything, "-ike Pooh, 'oney mamma" so we had peanut butter and honey sandwiches with sliced bananas, yum. After waking up from his nap the first thing on his mind were the muffins - love his crazy nap hair, haha.

Hope everyone's V-day was just lovely! Can't believe it's the weekend already, I need to get my 21-week update done and posted asap!


  1. Looks like a lovely day!

  2. This looks like it was so much fun!

  3. How fun!! I love the garland you used! I totally dropped the ball on Valentines Day and forgot to decorate or do anything. I'll have to make it up this Easter and St. Patty's Day. ;)

    Amanda // Happily Ever After

  4. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I love the garland and your little man is doing such a good job with his Valentines. He looks so fun :)