Friday, February 8, 2013

target & nordstrom haul

Thursday I went to town armed with the stroller and lots of puffs, and Riggs and I went shopping.  It ended up being a very fun and successful trip too!  Riggs slept through Target (that's what happens when you wake up a baby at 5:30am ugh) and then charmed everyone he saw at Nordstrom.  I did get some pretty funny looks for wearing sandals during a blizzard as I was pushing the stroller from our truck to the mall downtown, and I felt like I needed a sign pasted to my shirt (no coat either, oops!) that said, "DON'T WORRY, I HAVE BOOTS IN THE TRUCK!"  I just can't stand walking around indoors in my boots, my feet just get so hot and it makes me sweat and unless I'm working out or in a sauna, I despise sweating.

I love love love workout clothes, but every time I go shopping, I look longingly at all the Nike and Zella but never actually think seriously about purchasing any (it's so expensive for something you're just going to sweat all over! sorry to keep talking about sweat but seriously).  I would usually rather spend my money on something I'll wear on a more regular basis and accessories and shoes.  But Steve got me a gift card to Nordstroms for Christmas, and I decided to spend it on exactly what I wanted and not to let myself over-think or over-analyze what I wanted to buy.  And when I saw the workout clothes upstairs after browsing the kids section, I knew what I'd be getting with that gift card.  I'm so happy with what I purchased and can't wait to wear everything during the races I've signed up for this summer!

Something else I was excited about was a new in-house line of activewear at Nordstroms called 'Unit-y' (in case you didn't know Zella is also a house brand of Nordstroms).  I love the Unit-y stuff, especially because it's much less expensive than Zella.  Here and here are two styles that I would love to try out, if only they had them in stock at my Nordstroms!

You should feel very special because I'm going to expose my pasty white skin and huge bulky thunder 'muscular' thighs just so that you can see the items I picked out:

Unit-y 'rhythm' tank size large | nike 'icon' shorts size medium
I love this tank because it is lightweight, seamless, and a very bright pink color.  Also, it doesn't have a built-in bra, which I LOVE.  I can't really do the built-in tanks, because #1 - they aren't very practical for anyone over an 'a' cup and #2 - they are NOT nursing friendly (believe me, I've tried).  The shorts are amazing and look much cuter than in the picture.  They have a soft, non-binding elastic waistband and tight built in shorts for modesty and to prevent chafing.

nike 'legend 2.0' tights size medium
I just love these tights, the pictures just don't do them justice!  They have a high rise which means they don't move around when running which I just LOVE.  Also they print is actually really flattering for being horizontal stripes.  Nike has some really cute prints out right now so I highly recommend you go check them out.  This is a sports bra I want to get too and these are some shorts I'd love to get for insantiy workouts.

Oh and when I was at Target I found two skirts for about $20 each and I love both of them so much!  The pictures are just grainy iPhone quality, but you get the idea.

And just so you know, I'm not even sorry that my room looks so messy in the background. That's what happens when you have to be out of the house by 5:30 am to drive to town with your hubby.  I didn't make the bed and I don't even care - all the better to crawl back into at about 8:01 this evening ;)


  1. I love those leggings!!! Love love love.
    Isn't it fun to get new running outfits especially with some races coming up this summer?


  2. Ok, seriously LOVE the leggins!!

  3. Yay! Everything looks so cute on- I almost want to buy some of those shorts! Sooo cute and nice with the built in spandex- might have to do a little looking on ;)