Monday, February 25, 2013

my oscar recap

So, what did everybody think of the Oscars?  I actually thought that it was the best Academy Awards Show I've ever seen, I just loved all the music! There was one rather large exception, and that would be Seth MacFarlane.  I actually liked about 70% of what he did and said, especially his singing. But I could not stand all of the crude jokes, racial slurs, and insensitive quips about the actors themselves.  The boob song was especially jarring to me, as was the 'joke' about that first person to get inside President Lincoln's head being John Wilkes Booth.  Really?

And the thing is, I have to admit nearly everything he said would have been very funny if it were part of a Family Guy episode.  I just didn't think it was appropriate for the Oscars. What did you think? Agree, disagree? Please share!

The performance by the Les Miserables actors and the Bond tribute were probably my favorite parts of the show.  Also when Anne Hathaway received the award for Best Supporting Actress - I actually teared up a little! She was just so genuine and happy and her eyes were just sparkling so beautifully.

I loved watching all of the Red Carpet action too, and the interviews with the stars were pretty interesting.  Although as a tall person myself, I felt really bad for all the women who had to stand next to Kristen Chenoweth during their interview - since she's so tiny some of them looked just plain big next to her.

favorite dress 
Jessica Chastain
Not really the biggest fan of her, just loved the dress especially with her hair and skin color.

not a fan
Jennifer Lawrence
I know lots of people loved her dress, and I liked most of the dress.
I just didn't like how it looked like it was about to fall off.  I felt like
it fit very poorly through the chest and waist, but maybe that's just me?
I did like her backwards necklace though...

love her
Amanda Seyfried
I just love her, I can't help it.
I think she was so beautiful on the red carpet - I loved
the color of her dress and her hair and makeup.

love them
Naomi Watts & Liev Schrieber 
They were my favorite couple at the show - so cute!
Although Jennifer Garner tearing up when asked about Ben's movie
was pretty cute too.  I'm just not the biggest Ben Affleck fan...

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