Tuesday, February 19, 2013

silly boy

Riggs makes me laugh at least ten times every single day.  He'll just be doing his thing, rampaging around the house, being hilarious.  I have the hardest time even teaching him not to do 'naughty' things most of the time because what he's doing is so funny!  

Also those crocodile tears get me every time - like today, when he just barely bonked his face on his play cube thing after losing his grip.  He turned and looked at me with the saddest face, and just started bawling.  I knew he wasn't hurt, so I stayed where I was in the kitchen and just watched to see what he would do.  He started crawling towards me, still crying, then climbed up onto his turtle-push-toy thing and started pushing it towards me - while still crying, mind you.  Such a goof!  Then he looked down and saw his little ride on turtle toy and dropped to his knees beside it, patting it over and over - still crying!  

I just laughed and walked over to him.  I asked him if he wanted to get on his turtle, and he signed please, all while still crying.  As soon as I put him on the turtle, he stopped and started laughing manically and clapping his hands.  Such a faker!

thanks grandma and grandpa - I love my turtle-mobile!


  1. What a funny boy!! We r so glad he likes his turtle :-)

  2. Your boy is adorable! Thank you for the blog comments :)

    My brother, sis in law and nephew live in Alaska. My brother is actually an Alaska State Trooper. Watch out... lol