Wednesday, February 6, 2013

step by step he's growing up

It's been a great day.  My sister came out to my house for a visit, and brought two four year olds as endless entertainment for Riggs (and sometimes for us too).  I had to share a video that is the craziness of three boys in my living room:

Oh, and in other news, Riggs stood up and decided to start walking today!  He was still holding on to my hand, so it doesn't count as actually walking by himself yet.  But it's the first time he's shown any interest in walking at all, so I was pretty excited.

In other news, I visited Steve yesterday at school and got a few good pictures of him up on the pole.  I just love to see him working, especially since I don't really get to very often.  I think he looks pretty dang sexy in all his gear up there in the sky...but I guess I'm biased.

[Steve's in the coveralls on the left]

Oh! And the results were posted from my ski race this weekend and I am really excited about how I did.  It's not the most competitive race by any means, so there were plenty of great skiers who either weren't there or weren't really 'racing', but I'm still happy with being in the top 20.  I've got to get my thrills where I can...Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your little Riggs is so darn cute. I always say the same thing about my Hubby when he works. Except mine runs heavy machinery. Love your blog,

    1. Thanks Rachel! I guess it's a good thing that we like our hubby's :)

  2. It won't be long now...he'll be everywhere he couldn't get before!