Tuesday, January 29, 2013

yogurt dots and carrot chips

I have been out of easy finger foods (that don't make a mess like bananas or avacado if squished and thrown, which Riggs just loves to do) for a few weeks, but loathe to go and buy any at the store.  They are so expensive for the organic ones, and they still have more ingredients than is ideal.  So I finally got around to making some yesterday, and I was pretty happy with the results.

First I made some yogurt drops, with blueberries, plain yogurt and a little agave.  I mixed them all together in the blender and for some reason they got really soupy and so the 'drops' were pretty flat and disc-like.  Riggs still loved them, but I'll have to figure out what I did wrong in the next batch so they're more 'drop' shaped and easier for him to pick up off his tray.

This picture from pinterest [with the caption 'yogurt drop fail'] cracked me up because it looks exactly like my first batch, before I got a method for squeezing the runny yogurt out of the bag:

Next time I think I'll try to make them look more fancy too, like this:

Source: thezars.com via Whitney on Pinterest

Then I made some carrot 'chips', which was really easy and Riggs loved these.  I did too, they were soooo good.  I just need to get my mandolin out and make the slices a bit more substantial and they would be perfect.  I followed these instructions, and am now excited about making other veggie chips.


  1. Just what I need to do. I will give these a try. The carrots look like something I will be stealing off Neve. Yum. I LOVE the new blog look by the way.

  2. oohh I'm going to try those yogurt dots. My little man loves shredded carrots too. Good boys! Isn't it hard to buy boxed stuff? agh, I hate all the ingredients- even for organic. Thanks for the good ideas!

  3. You are inspiring... love your ideas and efforts!

  4. Oh goodness! I definitely need to make yogurt dots for myself!!