Monday, January 7, 2013

dreaming of spring

what I wish I were wearing around everyday

what I'm actually wearing around everyday
I just had to share these pictures I took after visiting Target last week.  There were so many bright and adorable spring items on the racks of clothes and I was really tempted to purchase some of them...but I realized they'd just hang in the closet for four or five months before I could wear them and would probably be on clearance by then anyway so I sighed to myself and put them back.  But I hope you noticed that I did wear sandals in defiance of winter, so there.  Normally I love winter but this winter has been bipolar so I'm thinking onward to spring!  I'm sure next time it snows I'll be very excited and more in the wintery mood but for now I'm sticking to my sandals...


  1. I am so ready for spring to arrive! I see all of the cute spring outfits in the store and want to start wearing them now. I'm over winter :)

  2. four or five months...what the heck am I doing here.

  3. That dress is so cute! Did you get it?
    ps- love love your jeans