Sunday, January 6, 2013

count your blessings

As I walked around the house this afternoon after Riggs had fallen asleep for his nap, I smiled at the chaos he had caused throughout the house earlier in the day.  I cleaned up each little mess, so thankful to be doing so. It's so easy to get exasperated after picking things up for the hundredth time and being realistic I know that will happen no matter how hard I try to be positive.  But today I just felt so blessed to have our own little king of chaos to be picking up after.  I know that motherhood is the greatest adventure I will ever have in my short life, and I am so very thankful to be on this sometimes messy journey.

1 | books everywhere 
2 | rubber ducky
3 | laundry basket deposits
4 | backseat filled with things needed for one little person
5 | a kitchen that had just been spotless
6 | anddd the little king of chaos himself


  1. To see all the beauty in the chaos is real love, dear Whitney! You are lovely... and made me smile as I watched the fuss in our living room, bahaha!

  2. Enjoy the Chaos of a little one it really dose not last as long as you think it will. They grow so fast...