Monday, January 28, 2013

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Does anybody else look back at their iPhone pictures in the evening and realize there a few that you just forgot to post somewhere along the way?  I do this nearly every week, which is why I randomly end up posting lots of them at once on my blog like this.  We had a great weekend with beautiful sunshine, although it was just too cold (-25 below!) for us to get out and go skiing with our little guy, who is still quite congested and apt to having some pretty nasty coughing fits.  

1| After about a year and a half of hemming and hawing we finally decided to just go ahead and get the vitamix.  We make smoothies everyday for breakfast and lots of soup, and now that we have been using almond meal/flour for most of our baking, it just made sense to get a tool that worked a bit better than the $30 blender we had previously been using.  And the little mini 4-cup food processor we got as a wedding present has just about been worked to death.  I had the entire weekend to get acquainted, and it is just  s o amazing!
2| Despite Riggs being sick, we managed to make it up to Government Peak Recreation Area a few times during the week to hit the trails.  The fresh air was good for both of us and the exercise was good for me.
3| Riggs has really developed quite the personality and is always doing silly little things, like putting this lid on his head - he things it is just the funniest thing ever.  I think he is the cutest thing ever.
4| I found this beautiful glass insulator when i popped into the thrift store in Palmer on Saturday to add to my little collection.
5| I fretted about what to wear on Sunday since we were visiting a new church near our house for the first time and finally decided on this outfit. it might have been a little bit smarter to wear pants since it was so cold, but I love the colored tights.
6| Riggs colored for the first time ever Sunday after church while we were waiting for our food at the Green Store.  I've let him try out coloring before a few times, but he was always much more interested in eating the crayons than putting them to paper.  But it was Steve who attempted it this time, and for some aggravating endearing reason, Riggs always picks up new things from daddy the first time no matter how many times mama has tried to teach him before.
7| We went to the library to enjoy the sun without freezing to death.
8| There was some poppyseed cake with whipped cream frosting...but it only lasted two days.
9| We all piled in the truck to go for a drive and see what we could see.  Steve got out to throw the ball for Tutka, but Beau and I were smart enough to stay in the warm truck and enjoy the view from there. (I just realized two seconds before publishing this that I already posted this picture yesterday, but hopefully you'll excuse my little mistake when you learn that I made the photo collage in the middle of the night during a little bout of insomnia - oh and if you notice the time that I published this yes it is 1am and yes 1am is the middle of the night to me, lol).

Oh and also, Sunday night before Riggs' bedtime, we had a family art project.  We traced his little body, all of our hands, and recorded lots of little Riggy measurements, then hung it up in his room so he could look at it.  It was lots of fun and he loved crawling all over the paper after we were done and pointing at parts of his body - so cute!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this post- for some reason I feel like it says a bit more about what you've been up to in such small ways. Love you! And am jealous of your new blender! <3